citrus limonium–is cold expressed from the outer part of the fresh peel. It is a familiar scent to many, as it is used extensively as a fragrance component in cosmetics, perfumes, and soaps. Combines with almost any other oil.  It is a good one to use to “flavor” water or add to lemonade.  Suggest one or two drops per quart.

CAUTIONS: Generally considered non-toxic. Possible irritant and sensitizer, especially with old oils. Dilute well for topical use.  PHOTO TOXIC.  Do NOT use on skin exposed to sunlight.

CHARACTER: “ Refreshing Cleanser” Purifying, Stimulating, Directional, Versatile, Revelation  
ETHERIC COLORS:  Golden Lime Green, Light Violet
ELEMENT: Water, Fire, Earth
Blending Factor: 4
GEM: Water Jade (Serpentine), Ametrine, Yellow Jasper, Prehnite
ASTRO: Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Neptune and Moon
ENERGY TYPE:  2, 1; Cool, Dry

USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Joy, Emotional clarity,   Awareness, Concentration,   study, attention, and problem solving.

USED TO FOR THESE NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Resentful, Depressed, Bitter, Apathetic, Lethargic, Indecisive, Distrustful, Mental block, Stressed, Mentally Fatigued,  Irrational, Fearful, Anxiety.

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL PROBLEMS: Infectious diseases, Colds, Fever, Asthma, Heartburn, Rheumatism, insect bites, Digestive problems, Respiratory problems, Sore throat, Urinary stones 

PROPERTIES: germicide, astringent, heart tonic, acid neutralizing, stimulates immune system, lymphatic decongestant, anti-viral and purifies air. 

+Breath of fresh air on a summer’s day. Positively wonderful to have around.
+Lively and casual—unbothered by the struggles and strains of living.
+Very active people with a sense of energy. Sparkling, full of life.
+Positive approach, unshakable confidence. “Never doubt yourself”
+Often reach the top of their chosen profession. Much sought after on the work front.
+Original, intuitive, thoughtful, energetic.
+Can be a workaholic if they enjoy their work, letting it dominate their life, but with a casual air about it. If they lose a business deal, they will not fret.
+Always have an answer to life’s problems.
+Never seem to have any illnesses. Germs pass them by.
+Athletic, and love sports and competition.
+Usually do not bear grudges, unless in the negative mode.
-If negative, can be inclined to be sharp and critical, sarcastic, with mood swings.
-If burnout causes negativity, can be re-adjusted with a vacation under the sun and blue skies, and using essential oils.

BLENDS: Arrowhead, Brave Heart,  Caldera, Chaco, Citrine, Cinnamon Bears,  Deep River,    Eucalyptus Grove, Focused Journey,  Gingerbread,Kayenta,  Lemon Meringue,  Manipura, Moonstone, Obsidian,   Ocean Jasper,   Pirates,  Point Sublime,  Princess Bride, Rose Spirit,  Shaman,  Sitalpu,Spiral Jetty, Symphony,   Sunrise, Thunderbird,  Tomahawk,  Yellowstone,  

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