Lavendula officianalis/angustifolia-distilled from the fresh, flowering tops.  Sweet, floral, herbaceous scent with balsamic, woody undertones.  Blends with most oils, especially citrus and florals.  Also CEDAR, CLARY SAGE, PINE, CLOVE, VETIVER, PATCHOULI, etc.  Has over 100 constituents including linalyl acetate(up to 40%). Universal oil that balances the body and works where there is a need.  There are many sub-species and varieties, including Lavandin.

Generally considered non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating in low doses.  Dilute well for topical use.  Also suited for diffusing and inhalation.  Can be used Neat for insect bites and burns.
CHARACTER:  “Embracing Balancer”, Harmony, Calming, Healing, Caring, Compassionate,      
ETHERIC COLORS: Silver, Gold, Teal
CRYSTAL:  Fluorite, Amethyst         
CHAKRA:  4,7        
PERFUME NOTE:  Mid to Top             
ASTRO:  Mercury 
ENERGY TYPE: Predominately 2, 4
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Secure, Gentle, Compassion, Balance, Reconciled, Vital, Clarity, Comfort, Acceptance, Inner peace, Relaxed, Spiritual, Meditative, Visualization, Rejuvenated.
+Able to care for a multitude of psychological and physical problems.
+Mothering.  Electric.  Formidable, yet gentle and kind.
+Direct, brave, humble, versatile, always ready to listen.
+Bravely overcomes obstacles placed in their way. 
+Ability to give generously of themselves—caring for others.
+First to come to the rescue in times of trouble and when help is needed.
+Seem to have an inexhaustible amount of energy to call upon.
+Will talk to your plants or feed your cats when you are away.
+Loves the earth, flowers, trees, and fills their home with living things if possible.
+Attracted to the roles of nurse, buddy, foster parent, teacher. Male LAVENDER will be attracted to farming, animals or perhaps New Ageism.
+Whatever they do, they are kind-hearted, benevolent, humane, worthy, valuable. 
+Found fighting for a cause, but usually one closer to home than rain forests.
+Drawn to volunteer jobs such as helping the homeless or otherwise disadvantaged.
-If negative, will be high strung, wound up, absorbing everyone else’s energies.
-Won’t disclose their problems or troubles to anyone as long as they believe they must care for others.
-Prone to unexplained headaches, various aches, and pains.
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE TRAITS:  Anxiety, Irritable, Stress, Tension, Panic, Shock, Apprehensive, Fears, Insecure, Restless, Moody, Distracted, Addicted, Trauma, Conflict, Jittery, Depression, Nervous, Worry, Over-excited, Burnout.
USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Acne, allergies, bruises, burns, dermatitis, earache, eczema, insect bites, sores, sunburn, wounds, muscle aches, bronchitis, cough, nausea, cramps. Improves circulation, especially through kidneys.   

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