Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets


Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets. this time will share info from the Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets. When my friend who loved and admired the beauty of Korean drama Korean women are cute is that? Apparently there is a secret behind their smooth faces. Some are born lucky blessed with a beautiful face, but others do some things to get the beauty.


Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets

Well, what are the secrets of Korean women in order to look beautiful and cute?

  • Plastic surgery. It is not strange if Korean women, including the artist, plastic surgery to look more attractive. Usually they fix the face shape is the nose, eyelids, chin, and cheeks.
  • BB cream. BB cream is a kind of face cream foundation that has a formula to moisturize, soften, brighten, while improving skin texture so supple and white. In Indonesia are now circulating various types of BB cream that began favored by women in Indonesia.
  • Eye liner. To improve the appearance of a woman’s eyes were narrow and wistful Korea, they use eye liner to make the eye look bigger and sharper. It is a mainstay of cosmetic Korean women.
  • Natural eyebrows. If you notice eyebrows Korean women, it would appear that they had shaved eyebrows and molded to stay in line as was done by the women of Indonesia. Merely trimming their eyebrows just to keep a natural look.
  • Sunscreen. Korean women do not get their flawless skin without effort. They keep a variety of treatments including the use of sunscreen or sun block.
  • Natural foods. If you notice in a lot of Korean dramas, food consumption is often their natural food such as kimchi, cabbage is a vegetable, and fish, fisheries. Very rarely seem them eating junk food instead? Such a lifestyle is the secret they get a healthy and beautiful skin.

A few Korean Women’s Beauty Secrets information, Hopefully Helpful.

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