Know Hantavirus, Deadly Virus of Mice


Panic one national park in San Francisco caused by hantavirus. The virus itself is derived from rodents, such as mice, without proper treatment, the disease caused by this virus in the end often died of blood pressure dropped suddenly.

Quoted from page medicastore, hantavirus is often transmitted by rodents to humans. The virus is commonly found throughout the world, and is generally transmitted from urine, feces and saliva of rodents, such as mice.

The virus was first detected in 1993 by Dr. Ho Wang Lee. In general, viruses are often the cause of an infection of the lungs and kidneys. The virus is often spread to humans through the air. However, until now, there has been no evidence to suggest that hantavirus can be transmitted from human to human.

Patients who undergo lung infections generally have symptoms of fever and muscle aches, and often accompanied by abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. After 4-5 days, the patient often has a cough and shortness of breath, which often deteriorate in a few hours, loss of fluid in the lungs resulting in a drastic drop in blood pressure and make people into shock. death can occur because of this.

For symptoms of kidney infection by medicastore, symptoms are often preceded by high fever, headache, back pain and abdominal pain. on days 3-4 small patches appear like a bruise on the white part of the eye and the palate along with the appearance of redness on the belly.

Kidney function deteriorates, so that toxic materials gathered in the blood, it finally causes nausea, loss of appetite and weakness. redness will fade away in a couple of Sunday, marking a recovery from the disease, the disorder mild kidney infection. However, in severe kidney infection, it can lead to shock and lead to death. These infections are often fatal to 5% of patients do not survive because of permanent kidney damage.

Always clean the house and the environment is the right way to prevent disease caused by this virus. Especially not give any space for rats to live with us.

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