Kinds of Vitamins For Human Resources and Benefits



Vitamins are very needed by the human body, but the human body can not produce vitamins in the body. Vitamins can be obtained from various sources, both animal and vegetable of the elements of even the Matari rays.

Types of Vitamins:

1. Vitamin A
Function: Prevent eye of night blindness disease, increase endurance ..
Sources: Fish oil, milk, carrots, tomatoes, and all the fruits and vegetables that are orange / red.

2. Vitamin B
Vitamin B1
Function: To assist the process of oxidation of the body to obtain energy and prevent the disease beriberi.
Sources: Green beans meat, skin rice, vegetables and bread.

Vitamin B2
Function: Breathing in the cell (cellular respiration), maintaining the integrity of neural networks, and accelerate the transfer of light stimulation to the optic nerve.
Sources: liver, eggs, milk and yeast

Vitamin B3
Function: Helps release of energy from food, fatty acid synthesis
Sources: liver, eggs, yeast / fungi, and peanuts.

Vitamin B6
Function: helps digest protein and cellular respiration.
Sources: Eggs, bacon, potatoes and cabbage.

Vitamin B12
Function: To assist the formation of red blood cells, nucleic acid synthesis and cell division.
Sources: Meats, eggs, milk, liver and yeast (hasll fermented foods)

3. Vitamin C
Function: Keeping the body’s resistance to infectious diseases and toxins, lowers cholesterol, and in high doses to prevent heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer.
Sources: Fruits such as oranges, tomatoes, papaya and other green vegetables.

4. Vitamin D
Function: To prevent rickets
Sources: Milk, oily fish and egg yolk

5. Vitamin E
Function: Plays an important role in the reproductive system and prevent lung cancer
Sources: Grains, vegetables, eggs, butter and milk.

6. Vitamin K
Function: To take part in the clotting of blood cells and to prevent miscarriage.
Sources: spinach, tomatoes, carrots.

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