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Speaking of eyes, that means, we’re talking to our great asset. We read the eyes, look at the eyes. Bottom line, this is very important. It is important for you and your kids. Why? There are some eye diseases which is declining, or influenced the genetic factor.
Recognize the symptoms of eye disease arising in children is important. If you are late to recognise and take no action, the consequences would be fatal, the risk of loss of vision is very large.
To recognize disease-disease of the eye which is the derivative of this, we have presented information about the disease, symptoms, types, and the actions that must be executed immediately. Comrades all readers may have other information or experience. If Yes, we are very excited to be sharing it with you here. 🙂
Various eye diseases derivative
Below there are 4 kinds of ailments derivative. all four were not a good eye disease. Two among them are dangerous eye disease and a very dangerous one should immediately be addressed.
1. Cataracts
Cataract-Cataract is an eye disease caused by turbidity in the lens of the eye. This turbidity can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetic factors. Cataracts cataracts are called kogenital. Typically, will appear in children. But, there is also the possibility of adults due to kogenital cataracts can also be caused by infections, metabolic problems and impact of diabetes.
We can know the symptoms that appear in people with congenital cataracts. The pupils are supposed to be black, would seem murky with white fluids. White liquid is derived from protein clumping that occurs around the lens of the eye.
The most important here is the attitude of the parents. Take action quickly. When you see an abnormality such as white patches on eye pupil should be black, immediately take it to the doctors to promptly sent. Remember that cataract is a disease that most often lead to blindness. According to my mind, that means, many people still do not concern with problems like this.
2. Glaucoma
Glaucoma-Glaucoma also is one of the diseases that strike the eye. Eye disease is caused by the increasing pressure of the fluid in the eyeball. The rising pressure on the eyeball is caused by disorders of the eye fluid drain. Glaucoma is caused by genetic factors. But, people who don’t have a history of glaucoma also have risks.
The symptoms appear is enlarged eyes, red, watery and light sensitive. Glaucoma can also afflict children. People affected by cataracts glaucoma risk also got affected. This will happen if the cataract sufferers is not immediately mangobatinya. If you see red eyes, dilated eyeballs, sensitive to light and juicy, then immediately take it to the doctor. Pengelihatannya will be lost if allowed to drag on.
We need to understand also that glaucoma is a disease that causes blindness the second largest after cataracts. So, once again the right actions need to be done.
3. Ptosis
Ptosis Ptosis is an eye disease-causing eyelid open hard, unable to open perfectly. This is because the size of the eyelid openings smaller than sufferers who are normal. Size small eyelid openings will also suppress the eyeball
Symptoms that appear to be from this eye disease sufferers is the difficulty to open the eye, increased tear production, and possible irritation because the eye is depressed by the eyelids. To cope with the disease, then it can Ptosis surgery.
4. Retinoblastoma
Another name that is more ‘ horror ‘ of retinoblastoma is a Tumor of the eye. A malignant Tumor. As the name suggests, this disease can develop and spread everywhere. Many have said it is not yet clear. This is because most of the patients who have disabilities retinoblastoma are also not too understand how early they contracted the disease. But, some doctors also say that the cause of this disease is approaching on genetics and environmental factors. Remember, Retinoblastoma often strike children aged 2-5 years. Young children, a new 2 year old could have attacked the tumor of the eye. Furthermore, the most, the families of patients with retinoblastoma is derived from the lower middle class. 
Ok, we’re back again, these tumors can occur in the eye. But, it could also appear on the outside. The Tumor that arises out of this eye had a life expectancy of less than on the inside.
Thus, a variety of inherited eye diseases. It’s hard to prevent eye diseases derivative. But, we must be responsive to what is happening in the eyes of our children. So look at the symptoms of diseases of the eye, then immediately take it to the doctor. And remember. Don’t get too late.

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