Kidney Disease – Causes Symptoms Treatment Diagnosis

 Shame On The Kidney

Shame On The Kidney
Kidney Disease – Causes Symptoms Treatment Diagnosis – 
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Everyone must be very mendambahkan a healthy kidney. especially for people who are already aged. to get a healthy kidney, then you also need to have a strong intention to treat and care for your kidneys.
Kidney bean-shaped organ is a pair of red in the lower back. The main function of the kidneys is to dump the excess water and the rest of the products in the blood. The kidneys also regulate the metabolism of minerals in the body, such as Calcium and others.
In addition to the important functions above, the kidneys also produce hormones plays a role in calcium regulatory hormones Renin, and others. Well, given the importance of kidney function, then we have to know how to take care of the kidney and avoid things that are harmful to the kidneys.
The main cause of chronic kidney disease is a disease of high blood and diabetes (diabetes mellitus). It says two dangerous diseases that are the main cause of chronic kidney failure in the world. However, in addition to diabetes and hypertension, there are many other causes of chronic renal failure, including:
1. polycystic kidney disease
2. Obstruction in the urinary tract, for example because of a kidney stone
3. and that is not less important, analgesic pain reliever medication such as a.k.a. paracetamol and ibuprofen also plays a major role as a cause of kidney failure.
How the heck are the symptoms of kidney failure?
Well, to keep in mind the kidney is the organ most great compensations of power. It means the kidneys when experiencing glitches, then it can still compensate part of the pain with other parts that are still “healthy”. Symptoms of chronic kidney failure so recently feels when kidney function is very minimal.
The symptoms among others are:
* Tired, weak and Lethargic (due to anemianya)
* Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting
* Frequent urination especially at night
* Swelling of the legs and sembab on the eyes because of the retention of the water
* Flaky dry skin, easy bruising and pale as well as itching
* Head giddy and stiff sense of presence on the hands or feet due to neurological shores
* When already advanced can even experience a mental disorder because of poisoning from ureum.
* High blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath
* Easy bleed
* Bone Pain
* Reduced Libido and erectile dysfunction
When the above symptoms have occurred, preferably sufferers seek help immediately to the doctor. The doctor will do some blood tests, an ultrasound of the kidneys and urine test to diagnose.
How the treatment of chronic renal failure?
For management, the important thing is to do some diet rules are as follows:
-Restriction of drinking water
-Restriction of calcium
For more details are discussed in the next topic yaaa … …Now an important prevention aja dulu.
Prevention Of Chronic Renal Failure
1. Conducting regular screening is done by a doctor, especially for those who have chronic renal failure risk factors such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
2. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
3. do not take medication carelessly

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