Juniperus communis-distilled from the berries, the needles and wood. Has a sweet, fresh, woody, balsamic odor.  Blends well with VETIVER, SANDALWOOD, CEDAR, GALBANUM, ELEMI, CYPRESS, CLARY SAGE, LAVENDER, PINE, FIR, ROSEMARY, GERANIUM, and citrus oils.  Used as fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, after-shaves.  Used in many food products, but especially soft drinks and to flavor gin.  Related to Virginia CEDARWOOD.  

CAUTIONS: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating. Possible sensitizer. Avoid use on delicate skin. Dilute well for topical use. Best suited for diffusing and inhalation.

CHARACTER:  “Restoring Path”,  Cleansing, Purifying, Visionary, Supportive, Enlightened
ENTERIC COLORS: Silver, White, Blue
CRYSTAL:  Red Jasper, Pyrite, Turquoise  
CHAKRA:  3   
ELEMENT:  Fire, Ether
Blending Factor=4
ASTRO:  Jupiter or Sun
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Self-worth, Peace, Inner Vision, Uplifting, Strength, Vitality, Meditation, Conviction, Sincerity
+Prefer to be dictated by their own intuition or religious belief.
+Have a reverence for anything sacred.  Drawn to spiritual path, but privately.
+Springtime; things fresh and new.  May appear immature because they take such delight in new experiences and knowledge.
+Not afraid to enjoy themselves in a way that expresses delight.
+Rejoice in simple pleasures.  Appreciate the uniqueness of each occasion.
+Ability to live in the present.  Always have time for other people.
+Genuine pleasure in others’ company.
+No matter what life throws at them, they will pull through and laugh once again.
+Best suited to professions that allow freedom of thought. 
-If negative, they appear vulnerable, uneasy, doubtful, depressed.
-Don’t take kindly to authority or being the underdog.
USED TO HEAL THESE NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Nervous exhaustion, guilt, Dissatisfied, Anxiety, Listless, Weak, Emptiness, Conflict, Defensive, poor memory, jet lag
USED TO HEAL THESE PHYSICAL STATES: Acne, dermatitis, eczema, hair loss, toxins, gout, obesity, colds, flu, infections, cystitis, coughs, depression, liver problems, rheumatism, ulcers, wounds, skin care, oily skin.  Supports and improves circulation through the kidneys. 
PROPERTIES: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, diuretic, nervine

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