Iowa Leader urges Senate Legislation on Cannabis Oil and Marijuana

Leader of Iowa Bob Vander has asked international community to allow limited cultivation of Cannabis for medicine purpose. It has proved that oil made from this herb or drug have impressive results for patients. Cannabis has other bi-products like cannabidiol and CBD. CDB is used in medicine science to treat neurological disorders. Doctors have tried it on many other diseases and worked successfully.


Drugs have always been a social dilemma. We are fighting drugs violence since beginning. In new era, scientists are encouraging its medicinal and safe use. United States have mostly banned its agriculture and even limited use. Large number of states have followed these steps. While on the other hand IOWA has allowed limited cultivation if it is done for medicine purpose under government license. A bill is waiting in senate of Iowa for approval under title “Medical Marijuana Legislation”.


Vander stated that Iowa state has capacity to stop Marijuana illegal use. He said that local companies have infrastructure to grow and create bi-products for industrial use. Cannabis oil was allowed to produce in year 2014 under governor permission. But after senate legislation, it would be legal to give shelf availability of cannabis or Marijuana bi-products.

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