Information About Tiger Balm

Introduction to Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm is actually a cream that is found in Burma and has been used for centuries in China and Burma as a drug to relieve pain. This drug was designed by Aw Chu Kin, a chemist from Burma after the request of many of his neighbors for a drug that can relieve the pain immediately and without side effects to discover. Meanwhile, the pain medication is not available and the people in mountainous areas are very few options for treating pain after walking all day in mountainous terrain. Upon receipt of the request to its neighbors, relatives Aw Chu started various natural products, known to relieve pain and trials were randomly created a solution that can warm the muscles and acts as a muscle relaxant. He called his product as Tiger Balm.

Tiger Balm Ingredients

Tiger Balm.
In short, it contains natural ingredients combined with salicylic acid, the pain threshold and ability to relax the muscles continues to increase. The beauty of this product lies in the fact that they do not affect the chemical balance of the body to treat pain, but is essentially less pain perception by acting as a local anesthetic and also relaxes the muscles so that this condition is treated from the interior. It was so popular in business in Burma; including large-scale production began gradually to the many products to China through China and the world.

Tiger Balm Variety

Different variants of Tiger Balm in the market and they all have specific applications for certain painful conditions. Take a look at another type of ointments are available and their applications:

    Red Type: This is the original Tiger Balm, which was designed by Aw Chu Kin, and can be applied throughout the body, all kinds of pain to treat. However, this can be used for chronic pain and not a very good effect associated with lesions in the bones to treat.
    Nature of the ointment: The composition of this is exactly the same as the type of red, except in the form of oil rather than an ointment. This is useful for much of the skin cover.
    White guy: This is a little different than the red, such as camphor and oil of cloves, which is a soothing sensation to the skin during warm up the muscles in the lungs to keep. This diversity of the Tiger Balm is an advantage for those who cannot tolerate heat in the skin, or have very sensitive skin.
    The type of muscle problem: the number of Tiger Balm contains some extra ingredients are organic long-term effects and maintain the freedom of the pain one day after a single application.

Note: The balm is a great product if you are concerned only with muscle pain but does not lead to results if you have internal injuries or pain associated with low blood flow in certain areas of the body. Almost all ingredients are organic and not the skin may cause allergies in general, but if you are allergic to salicylic acid or a derivative thereof, should consult a physician before consultation with the balm. Tiger Balm.

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