Information About the Benefits Of Garlic

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garlic2Literally, garlic, there is no doubt that the smell. In fact, garlic is one of the most effective natural therapies; it is simply in the supermarket. In many parts of the world, will be used for thousands of years, and garlic as a food or medicine is used It can be used as an antibacterial and anti fungal. Organic compound illicit of garlic is to be, in fact, than the smell, is the world’s most powerful antioxidants. Garlic is we do not understand at the end, why, is very good for us, it is.

Some of the benefits of garlic Research can be effectively prevented, because garlic has also been proved to a stroke and heart disease. The use of garlic supplements saw reduced to 5%, the blood pressure in humans. Now feel that you are not the 5% significance level, but it is true enough to prevent, to stroke and heart disease.

Garlic is very extensive, has confirmed its anti-bacterial. Are available in the pharmacy to ensure that the bacteria, you will find the antibiotic However, we are determined to defend is to develop bacteria to these antibiotics. Garlic is interesting that bacteria cannot protect its development. Has been said, it is determined that the antibacterial effect of garlic in 1800.

Interestingly, garlic, even though we know the exact reason, or how it works is unclear. The secret, according to some researchers the benefits of garlic is very simple, which is hydrogen sulfide. In fact, a lot of toxic hydrogen sulfide but our body can produce substances that can act as an antioxidant. In addition, hydrogen sulfide, send a signal telling the arteries to relax. You can expand the blood vessels, further bloodshed. This is probably the main reason, garlic to prevent various types of cancer. Study using mice, the researchers also found that heart attack; hydrogen sulfide has been shown to prevent heart damage.

You can see that many people do not eat garlic, but enough of their extraordinary achievements. Italy, China, South Korea, tend people to spend a couple of cloves of garlic every day dozens of food. You can cook to eat more; you add the garlic fresh garlic.

Said of natural therapies, age, eating cold food, garlic, can be useful blog coverage. Garlic, onions and green peppers with instances of the use of very fit, eat a meal. Can be used to integrate the taste of garlic in mixed fruit.

A lot of garlic, remember that fact, it is likely to lead to digestive disorders. Can but for many people to avoid garlic, leading to digestive disorders, in fact, not because they want to breathe garlic. And it is not the only one: her skin, you can even drop the garlic smell, so I eat; it has been for several hours. For many people, to prevent bad breath, but garlic-like capsules, if you drink a lot of garlic capsules, they have the smell of garlic on the skin. Not only to avoid eating the smell of garlic, or just too much. To a healthy and easy to maintain. Garlic.