Sterile, … word is sooo scary for married couples. especially for those who really want her coming baby.

Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve a pregnancy after one year for carrying out sex regularly and do not use contraceptives.

Infertility is very complex and should be handled very seriously, because the cause of infertility can occur from both sides, both the husband or the wife.

And to his handlers should examine both sides. Examination of Sperm Wife Husband and Cell ovary, but not just that, .. there are many intensive examination that should be done, for more in his let’s peel one by one

 For Men

There are two possible reasons why men experience azospermia. First, it may be due to damage to the testes (testicles) as a “factory” sperm cells. Second, perhaps because there blockage at the outlet of the sperm, but production there.

By physical examination supported the examination of hormones, can Which possibility is determined to be the cause azoospermia.

Damage to the testicles, especially in the produce section sperm cells, can result from several causes, including certain infections, deficiency or disorder hormonal balance, severe malnutrition, and impaired
liver function.

Outflow tract blockage of sperm can be caused by infection or congenital disorder. Men who undergo tract obstruction Sperm actually have sperm cells. However, because can not be issued with semen, he can not impregnate. So really he was not quite barren.

If the first possibility as the cause of azoospermia, which means testicles were damaged, so far
there is no way to overcome it. In other words, man scrotal damage until it can no longer produce sperm cells, meaning this man infertile.

If azoospermia is because sperm outflow tract obstruction, surgery can be a way to reopen the channel, although the results not necessarily good. The drug is a drug that you use hormones.

The goal is to try to stimulate the cells that produce sperm cells in the testes. This drug may work if the cells that produce it are not damaged due to a specific cause. Conversely, if the cells produce is damaged, the drug was useless.

Similarly, if the sperm outflow tract obstruction occurs, the drug it is not useful, even necessary. Therefore, the absolute a definitive diagnosis is needed to determine whether it has been damage testicles or not.

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