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Eye diseases many kinds, some things are not infectious, contagious. In addition, there is the inherited eye disease, some are not lowered. The infectious eye disease caused by a virus or bacteria. Different eye diseases are not contagious, usually caused by allergies or derivatives, not because of viruses and bacteria.
various eye diseases
Handling infectious disease types with no infectious differently from each other. How do you think? I think we need to ‘ alienate ‘ people afflicted by a contagious eye disease. If he’s a student, probably sounds like he will infect his friends. For that, let’s explore further messes the infectious eye disease:
Various infectious eye disease
Infectious eye diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Viruses and bacteria will spread through a variety of media. The medium used can be anything. The hand that had been holding the eye, towels, etc. Following various eye diseases that are contagious.
1. Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis is an eye disease caused by a bacteria or virus. Both have the potential to infect the eye. Symptoms that appear in people with conjunctivitis are red eyes, itchy eyes, feels dry, watery and sometimes removing dirt are white. Conjunctivitis is very easy to spread. As a result, if there is one person who is infected, then there are people around them will also be infected. Easily spread from eye to eye pain that doesn’t hurt.
This eye disease sufferers is anyone. Adults and children can be attacked. If you already suffer from conjunctivitis, there are several things that can be done to cure it.
The first is to compress the eye with warm water. And then, obati with ointment or drops eye doctor recommended.
The disease is extremely easy to spread. There have been attempts to prevent it. If you are not friend of anyone contracting, prevention efforts are:
If using softlens. Use the softlens correctly. Use a clean and follow the softlens rules of its use.
Keep the environment clean
If you already have friends, friends or people who are around you are infected, then there are a few things to do to keep it from Contracting
Do not use the same towel with the sufferer.
Wash your hands after touching their eyes.
‘ Sequester ‘ the sufferer in the House until she is healed and treat it
This is a step that we can do. As prevention efforts.
2. Trachoma
Trachoma is an eye disease caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis. Disease trachoma is caused by a dirty environment and poor sanitation. This eye disease often strikes children. The ditampakan symptoms are red eyes, eyes pulled out of dirt, the eyelids swell and cornea murky. Trachoma can be treated with eye ointment (cure for Trachoma). How prevention is similar to Conjunctivitis due to both the infectious diseases of amta.
That was it, all kinds of eye diseases that are contagious. Consists only of two kinds. But when compared with eye diseases that are caused by allergies, the symptoms are almost the same. For Example, Dakrosistitis. Dakrosistitis caused by allergies. Symptoms, eyes red, swollen eyelids, feels pain, pus and fever may issue. The difference is only on fever and pulled out pus from the eyes.

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