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India got a great asset naturally in the name of herbs. Indian herbs have acquired abundant popularity all over the world. But now the list of Indian herbs is seen only in books, it is pathetic to say that we can’t even tell just 6 names of Indian herbs. There are great medicinal vales in built in every herb. So today let me tell you the top 8 Indian herbs list and their advantages towards health problems.

Here are the list of Indian herbs that are used as medicinal herbs

Banyan tree
Bermuda grass
Curry-leaf tree
Neem Tree
Slipper thorn
Soap nut tree

Let us see in detail how these herbs are useful for us.

Banyan tree:

Banyan tree is the one the largest tree in our country. Though it is big in size this will be helpful for the human beings in many aspects. But pathetic situation is that still in this new decade also there is a great superstitious belief that this tree is home for ghosts.

Advantages of Banyan tree: best medicine for joint pains and back pains, complete cure for all kind of skin diseases.
Beneficial parts of Banyan tree: fruits, buds, leaf buds and tree bark.

Bermuda grass:

The Bermuda grass is seen commonly all over India, more over this also used as decoration use and as holy item in many festivals. Thus Bermuda grass is helpful for human beings a lot.

Benefits of Bermuda grass: Reducing of dandruff, best medicine for stomach ulcers, Body pains control
Useful parts of Bermuda grass: every part of Bermuda grass is useful.

Curry-leaf tree:

Curry-leaf is a green leafy vegetable which we use while making of different food items up to our knowledge. Internally, this is having high medicinal values.

Benefits of Curry-leaf tree: Hair growth oil, treatment for cracks on legs, dark circles around eyes.
Beneficial parts of Curry-leaf: leaves, roots and tree bark.


Henna is quite common tree which we find at our villages. We remember this only at the time of festivals and functions to decorate our hands with mehandi. But thing is that this is also a great medicinal herb with immense uses

Uses of Henna: Treatment for burns, best tip for hair glow , remedies for mouth ulcers, this is great medicine for fine sleep.
Beneficial parts of Henna: leaves, flowers, roots and seeds.

Neem Tree:

Neem Tree is most common tree seen in many villages and towns particularly on the two sides of road. Many inhabitants are there in remote areas, still getting benefits by this tree medicine. We also make use the flowers of this in making of dishes.

Benefits of Neem Tree: cure for all kind of skin diseases and hair problems, complete control for sugar, best method to control bacteria.
Useful parts of Neem Tree: fruits, oil, tree bark, root, leaves, flowers and seeds.

Slipper thorn:

Slipper thorn is popularly called as a kind of desert tree, as this will service with less quantity of water and this will have thrown on its body. So we pass over this, but this has acquired bulk amount of medicinal values.

Uses of Slipper thorn: cure for throat infection, decreases from pain of hot bubbles, helps to make stomach hungry.
Useful parts of Slipper thorn: leaves and fruits.

Soap nut tree:

Soap nut tree is also a variety of ayirvedic herb, we often here from our grandparents that do head bath with soap nuts for smooth silky hair. Soap-nut tree is used not only for hair but also as a medicine for many health problems.

Soap nut tree uses: treatment for migraine headache, medicine for scorpion bite, Hair fall stop are treated through soap nut tree.
Useful parts of Soap nut tree: seeds, nuts.


Sunflower is a chief source of income for many agriculturists. They will farm this and extract the sun flower oil from them. Apart from monetary view this is beneficial for human beings as a medicinal herb.

Uses of Sunflower: best medicine for remove the kidney stones, vanishes ear pain, treatment for common fever.
Useful parts of Sunflower: seeds, leaves and roots.

Hope you may be surprised by knowing these many benefits from the common plants which we see routinely. This is only top 8 Indian herbs list there are many herbs which are added much more beneficial. So lastly, what I conclude is you know the significance of Indian herbs and tell this to your next generation also, so know about Indian herbs.

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