I’m 30 And I Have Acne – Come Again?


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Just when you thought that being an adult meant being free teenage growing pains, adult acne strikes! You get up, ready to go to work, when it hits you! A very unattractive and attention grabbing pimple making you feel like a confused teenager again.
What’s wrong with me, will most likely be your initial reaction. You were so close to feeling all grown-up and there it is, a pimple. Well, you can’t very much call in sick to work, what can you do?
First, calm down. Seek some professional guidance, but be warned, they’ll simply tell you that acne isn’t just for teenagers and then they’ll charge for the consult. And secondly, seek the right treatment for your adult acne condition.
Adult Acne – Where is the real issue?
Adult acne seems to be a topic that few people talk about. There seems to be a generalized acceptance of teenage acne and acne scars, however, adult acne seems to be a forbidden topic. It, therefore, amazes no one to know that acne is directly associated to the developing stages of our life and has no place in our adult life, making it difficult for those faced with the condition. Nonetheless, the same type of acne that haunted us during high school can also make its reappearance during our 30’s or 40’s.
Don’t get this confused with another type of acne called acne rosacea – or rosacea for short-. As a matter of fact, adult acne can be plagued with one or both types of acne.
Acne – where it all begins
In the eye of the acne breakout is the dreaded pimple. It’s a plug of sebum mixed with skin debris and keratin (the stuff nails, hair, and skin are made of) lodged inside a hair duct.
When this plug is open we call it a blackhead and when it’s closed it’s known as a whitehead. Whiteheads, unlike blackheads, often cause the walls of the hair duct to rupture leading to redness, infection, and cysts that are common in acne.
One interesting fact is that during adolescence teenage boys will be more likely to suffer from acne scarring while girls will be more susceptible to suffer from adult acne. So, what do we recommend you to do?
The trouble is that almost everyone thinks that acne results from poor hygiene and that’s just not true. Adult acne and teen acne are caused by a combination of several factors: hormones leading to excess oil secretion, faulty closing of the hair duct, and infection.
The Time Tested Solution
Most people will reach for the quickest solution and squeeze their pimples. It is effective, but doesn’t come without infection and scarring. In case you didn’t know, squeezing or picking at pimples is a sure way of spreading acne infection, so stop it! You can opt for a safer solution and see your dermatologist’s expert guidance. A doctor will treat a pimple by using a special sterile instrument to prevent scarring, infection, and acne spread. But, if going to the doctor isn’t something you’d consider, then there is an acne home remedy that is highly recommended.

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