I won’t make it out to work today, I’ve got two colds and a flu.


I won’t make it out to work today,
I’ve got two colds and a flu.
I’m sniffing and sneezing,
My head’s all stuffed up.
And now I’m hot, and cold too.

My body is aching,
My bones they are creaking,
I’m barfing and running to poo.
I can’t make it out to work today,
I’ve got two colds and a flu.

(and I think I’m hung-over too…)

Did you ever have two colds at once?  How would you know? There are over 100 different types of virus that can cause a cold… Surely it is possible to get a cold, and then to get another cold within a few hours, or days, or even a week.

I always wondered about the folk wisdom:

“with proper treatment, you can cure a cold in 7 days,
if you leave it alone, it will go away in a week”.

But sometimes a cold lasts 10 days, or two weeks, or maybe longer.  Maybe a 10 day cold is really a 7 day cold and another 7 day cold on day 3 of the first day?  Maybe a three week cold is actually three weak colds?

Maybe it’s unfortunate that colds are so common, and so easily cured that few have noticed ‘two colds at once’?

And what if you have a cold, and then you get the flu?  Or if you have the flu, and then you get the cold?  Can you have two flus (that doesn’t even look like a word) at once?

How many different kind of flu are out there at once? Flu tends to go in waves, epidemics, so in general there is only one wave passing through – although it is possible to get two if you are in a flu area when another wave comes thru.  I think two flu infections are more serious than two colds.

Which is worse, a cold and a flu?  Or a flu and a cold?

No matter which comes first, I’m suspect it weakens your resistance to the other.

But maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the first one puts your immune system on high alert – and therefore second is weaker.  I’m not sure I want to volunteer for this type of medical study…..

Take care this Christmas season, to your health, tracy

Tracy is the author of two book about healthicine: 

 I’m not sick. I had this silly poem running around in my head.  And I retired 3 years ago, so I don’t have to go out to work today, although there are lot of Christmas chores. I just had to share…

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