Hyacinthus orientalisconcrete and absolute by solvent extraction from the flowers.  Sweet green floral fragrance, soft floral undertone.  Blends well with  NARCISSUS, YLANG YLANG, GALBANUM, JASMINE, NEROLI.  Used in high class perfumery.  Hyacinth is no longer available through reliable sources, so I no longer use it in my blends.  

CHARACTER:  “Sensitive Equilibrium” Gentle, Trust, Enlightening, Yin
ETHERIC COLORS: Deep Purple, Teal, Deep Gold
NUMBER:  7          
ELEMENT:  Water         
ASTRO:  Venus, Mercury
GEM:  Citrine

USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Calming, Forgiving, High self-esteem, Perseverance, Equilibrium, Trust, Faith, Courage Soothing
+Good natured, forgiving, trusting, gentle.
+ Love beauty and beautiful things.  Can decorate a room exquisitely, taking immense trouble over every detail.
+ Happiest when tending gardens, plants, and taking care of animals.
+ Unshakable belief in people.  “Good will always triumph over evil.”
+ Mindful of others’ feelings and love to be privy to their secrets. Intuitive, sensitive, nice people who need space to breathe and be who they are.
+ Likes talking and may innocently pass on secrets.  Never have any trouble talking about their own problems, usually concerning the opposite sex.
+ Make good sales people if they believe in the product.  Marvelous at animal breeding or any job involving flowers and plants.  They love music, dance, theater, but these professions are much too cutthroat for them.
+ Make good Samaritans, listening to people in trouble.  Very charitable.
-If negative, they emphasize their fragile delicate nature to get sympathy.  Stress, tension, and stress related disorders are common.
-May be drawn into plans they really don’t want to be involved with and schemes that are detrimental.
-They may choose the wrong partner, who may strip them of their emotions and money.
-No matter how caring, naïve, gentle they are, they can drive the more assertive types such as BERGAMOT to distraction.
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES:  Instability, Stress, Repression, Apathy, Dejection, Distress, Grieving, Sorrow, Regret, Unforgiving, Dependency, Apprehension
Used for stress related conditions, and developing the creative right side of the brain.
PHYSICAL QUALITIES:  Antiseptic, Balsamic
BLENDS: (No longer added to any of my blends. In some cases I have substituted the spectacular FRANGIPANI)   Kachina, Point Sublime, Floral Weave, Rose Quartz, Twelve Flowers

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