How to whiten yellow teeth

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how to whiten teeth
How to whiten yellow teeth how to whiten yellow teeth are often questionable people, be they women or men, especially for those who are active smokers each day.
How to whiten yellow teeth are divided into two different methods, i.e. in a natural chemistry. However, often times the application of chemical methods can lead to mouth problems, such as irritation of the gums or mouth ulcers.
Therefore to whiten yellow teeth better use natural methods to maintain the security and comfort of our daily.
As we know, definitely we will feel ashamed it feels to face to face with anyone if the teeth look yellow.
Yellow teeth are also often considered not clean and odorless. That is what can lead us to inferiority and also make others feel uncomfortable talking with us.
Therefore, we have to figure out exactly how to whiten yellow teeth that won’t cause side effects such as:
Cheese is a product obtained from the fermentation of milk. Cheese contains calcium and other substances that serves to whiten yellow teeth.
The trick is to be consumed daily routine after such a big meal at noon. In addition, the cheeses are also believed to strengthen the tooth.
Apple vinegar
We can whiten yellow teeth with Apple Cider vinegar. The trick is to mix apple cider vinegar with the sediit salt and baking soda. This mixture is made as a mixture of special whitening toothpaste.
Tamarind seed
The trick is to take the seeds of fruit acids and washing to clean properly. After that the sangria seed oil without the use of acids.
Once cooked, tumbuklah until smooth. Then Your teeth the whole piece usapi with the acid seed powder, at least two times a day or could also be coupled before brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.
Orange peel
Rub the teeth with a piece of orange peel also proved potent yellow stain removal stick on teeth without damaging tooth email. It caused a very gentle bleach elements contained in the orange peel.

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