How To Whiten Teeth Naturally


Who would not want his teeth white and radiant, surely everyone wants her teeth white glow. The tooth is also one part of the body that could support a beautiful smile and sweet. Just imagine if our teeth yellow, no doubt we will find it for berintraksi with pede. That’s my own experience sihh heheh.

Cara Memutihkan Gigi

The tooth is also one of the frequently observed by others when we are berintraksi/communicate. By having a clean teeth, glow white, and it all certainly can give a sense of the PD to chat with friends. This is certainly in relation to the upside if our teeth yellow, we will feel ashamed and cangguh for a chat.

Therefore, if you want the success of various things. Make sure your dental condition, always take care of your health, and your dental hygiene. How to whiten teeth actually does require diligence and routines are not as easy as we might think. But there is no harm to try rather than not at all.

In fact whatever the hell that could make our teeth turn yellow? Well usually people who often smoked with brown or yellow teeth, other than the coffee can also cause our teeth yellow. Therefore, as much as possible you eliminate smoking habit, in addition could make yellow teeth smoking is also the source of various diseases.

Well after the last know factor causes yellow teeth, and a little penjabarannya. Now I’ll try reviewing what are some things we can do to whiten our teeth naturally:

How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Use Strawberries
Must have been from you all found it strange isn’t it? Why Fruit Strawberries can whiten teeth, but it’s been proven in the real strawberries can whiten teeth. Pemutihannya way too simple, just a bite of Strawberry and rub-rub the inner tooth and toothbrush with toothpaste either. But there are important notes about fruit strawberries, namely: do not consume too much because this fruit has a sour substance that can damage the enamel of the tooth.

Use Orange Peel Of Lemon
Lemon was already familiar to the lovers of skin care, because this fruit is useful both for creating the skin becomes toned and healthy. In addition fruit is also beneficial for our teeth. As for how application: take the lemon rind and separate from the meat, then rub-rubbing the skin we have prepared earlier to our teeth, peggosokannya approximately 5-7 minutes. And the last step of your brush your teeth using toothpaste.

Use The Sayuaran And Fruit
Fruits and vegetables does have benefits very much, other than the beneficial for health body, fruit and vegetable turns out we can use to whiten teeth naturally. As for the fruit and vegetable that can whiten teeth naturally are as follows: Pears, carrots, Apples, Strawberri, Lemon, and much more. Fruit and vegetable is also beneficial to keep the tooth, so email email is not easily broken.

Baking Soda
As for how baking soda for deployment of cleaning teeth naturally are: prepare your Baking soda, then spread the baking soda kearea the surface of the tooth to completely evenly, then you will feel the teeth clean and white. Important note: the use of baking soda should not aim too often because it can damage your teeth, try using baking soda 1-2 times a month.

Whiten Teeth With Cheese
akanan Cheese is produced from the fermentation of pure milk, cheese is usually consumed one seetlah a great meal. Benefits of cheese alone can give more power on the teeth, because cheese contains calcium, in addition to providing power to the teeth, calcium is believed to be able to make our teeth more white and Strong.

The miswak
Sieak or miswak is believed capable of delivering 70 benefits are proven to whiten our teeth naturally.
That’s a little review on how to whiten teeth naturally that you can apply to make you more confident and certainly make your teeth more white. May be useful.

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