How to whiten teeth Naturally and fast

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Did you know that you basically turn yellow teeth cause is from yourself that less attention to maintain hygiene in your teeth. Has yellow teeth can be the cause of someone shy and not confident as well as difficult in getting along, besides having yellow teeth can also reflect your personality that is less treatment clean your teeth.
In this article I gave tips for those of you who would like to whiten teeth naturally, among others, as follows:
Whiten teeth either using orange peel
Whiten teeth with orange peel
When you eat the orange peel should be immediately discarded, orange peel you can use to take care of teeth keshatan. You can use the inside of the orange peel, white for brushing my teeth yellow. You can do this on a regular basis.
For men who have the habit of smoking your cigarette consumption, kurangilah and better yet when you quit smoking because nicotine content, contained in cigarette smoke will make your teeth yellow and hard to be eliminated.
A few tips from me may be useful to you.

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