To take care of long hair you need to follow good nourishment routine for hair. Although thick black hair are difficult to handle but some conditioners may prove helpful. Natural home remedies like honey, natural oil massages, yogurt, aloe-vera, neem leaves etc are very helpful for keeping hair healthy, dandruff free and soft.

Take care of long thick hair

Take Care of Long Hair


Hair becomes dry due to improper care and hence good conditioners can help long thick hair to stay soft. I recommend to use the best hair nourishment product to take of long hair .Drinking is one of the most important a person should do in his day. But today most of the people don’t drink enough water which in turn affects your skin and hair. Due to less water intake hair start to turn dry and brittle. So to prevent this from happening you must drink as much of water as possible.


An unhealthy diet is one of the greatest causes of hair problems. What you eat have a clear impact on your skin, nails and specially hair. So you must eat vitamin and protein rich food. You should include green leafy vegetables, juicy fruits and dairy in your diet. This food will help to nourish your hair. Since hair is made of proteins include subsequent amount of proteins in your diet. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals to hair


Hair can also be damaged due to tension and stress. So you should get adequate sleep and you should meditate if necessary once a day to have stress free environment. Also give a good oil massage to stimulate flow of blood to scalp and relax your hair.

Brushing and Washing

You should was your hair daily but not with chemical rich shampoos. You should avoid using chemical rich shampoo as much as possible. You should apply conditioner to your hair whenever necessary. Brushing your hair when they are wet is not good. You should not use towel to soak your hair immediately after bath. If possible use wide teeth comb on your hair. And do not apply to much gel or heat products on your hair because it can lead to excessive hair damage.

Natural ways to keep hair healthy

  1. Oil massages helps to reduce strain on hair muscles and is also a very helpful exercise for making hair strong. You should take oil massage every for 5-10 minutes and keep oil hours and even overnight if possible and then take rinse it next morning. This treatment makes your hair silky smooth.
  2. Yoghurt treatment: Apply yoghurt to the scalp of your hair which strengthen your hair and help to increase its quality.
  3. Eggs contain biotin, proteins and omega acids that helps to provide shine and make hair soft. Mix two eggs to curd and apply on your hair, keep it for 15-20 min and then rinse it properly. This treatment helps to increase quality of your hair and it also helps in getting rid of dry hair and dandruff.
  4. You can take some neem leave and turn it into paste and apply it on your scalp. This helps you to make your hair stronger and gives you better quality of hair. It is one of ancient techniques to remove dandruff and itching from scalp.
  5. Honey is also an effective method for taking care of long thick hair. Applying honey provides moisture to hair removing the dryness and roughness and making hair soft and smooth. You can apply honey mixed with a cup of water to your hair. This treatment helps to deeply nourish hair roots.

Tips to take care of hair

  1. Comb your hair twice every day.
  2. Do not use brush on wet hair.
  3. Take oil massage at least twice a week.
  4. Don’t use too much gel and other chemical products on your hair.
  5. Use warm water for washing your hair. Hot water can remove moisture from hair making it dry and frizzy

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