How to Relieve Flu


Many people who rushed cure a cold with a variety of ways. But, according to the research actually coughs and colds can not be cured.

Colds can heal itself without the need for medication. All you can do is actually just ease or speed healing.

Taking vitamin C and chicken soup is proven to relieve the suffering that you experience when cold. In addition, zinc lozenges are also able to reduce the discomfort. However, it is not necessary because the inhalation of zinc can result in permanent damage to the sense of smell.

Here is an explanation of some of the things you can meengurangi suffering when stricken with a cold, as expressed by Dr. Mehmet C. Oz, MD

vitamin C

Immediately consumption of vitamin C if you start catching colds. Consume vitamin C as much as 2-3 grams after having a cold followed by 1-2 grams every few hours for 36 – 48 hours later. This can more quickly reduce infection.

Taking vitamin C after 24 – 36 hours after the first symptoms appear cold will not give any results. Therefore, the immediate consumption of vitamin C when cold symptoms have appeared. Thus you are suffering from a cold which can be shortened to 2-3 days compared to nine days if you do not take vitamin C.

chicken soup

Infection as a cold can be alleviated by eating chicken soup. Chicken soup is believed to enhance the immune sisitem to fight infection.


Zinc is one of the minerals that are proven to help shorten colds average.

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