How to prevent depression and contributing factor


Depression is a psychiatric disorder that is characterized by feelings of sadness, Depression can interfere with a person’s life are also the activities she does everyday. Depression is characterized by the presence of feeling sad, feeling tired of excessive though only implement a reasonable, not interested and excited in doing anything, insomnia and so forth.

Depression is a reasonable circumstance occurs in humans, but of course there are his levels. Mild depression can be cured with his own also hung with the psychological power of sufferers. But a severe depression is very dangerous if left untreated. Even in many cases, depression is often the starting point of a person to commit suicide.

Cara Mencegah Depresi dan Faktor Penyebabnya

Causes Of Depression
Many of the factors that caused the depression in a person who can be explained by the scientific method because the depression also belongs to health disorders.Factors causing depression were split into two lines of the physical factors and psychological factors. Here we discuss a little about the factors cause the depression.

Physical Factors Cause Depression
Genetic Factors; Genetic factor or the derivative but also affects the emergence of depression in a person. The gene factors likely to affect even severe depression, depression is not simply a light level.
The arrangement of the brain and the body are chemically; Chemical substances in the brain and the human body has an important influence in an attempt to pengendaian the emotions of a person. When someone is experiencing depression is apparently found any changes the amount of chemicals in the body. One example is the Hormones noradrenaline. The hormone plays an important role in the control of one’s emotions. A person who has low levels of Hormones noradrenaline certainly easily affected by depression.
Age Factors; a teenage and elderly people are more susceptible to depression in her life, because at the age-the age of the rapid changes occurring in a person, so sometimes the mentality of someone will bear a heavy burden.

Gender; believe it or not, women have a greater risk of getting depression compared with men with a ratio of about 30% to 12.6%. It is revealed in the data from World Bank (Desjarlis: 2005)
Lifestyle; unhealthy lifestyles often trigger depression in a person. High levels of stress and anxiety are also capable of making people more easily in a State of depression.
Drugs; some drugs are also believed to increase the risk of depression, according to McKenzie hit (1999) some drugs are: Tablet antieplipsy, anti-inflammatory drugs high blood pressure Drug, antimalarial Drug-melfloquine, antiparkinson Drug kemotrapi, pill, contraceptive, Diuretic, Digitalis, Interferon-alpha (hepatitis c), sedative, steroid Therapy
Lack Of Sunlight; the intensity of the sunlight the less every day someone can give rise to fear and mental ketidaksehatan. It can also trigger the emergence of depression
Physical illness; not everyone can accept the fact when he was sentenced to suffer from a disease, let alone it’s a disease. Sometimes the presence of a disease can trigger other ailments on someone, one of them my depression.

Psychological Factors Cause Depression
Personality; There are individuals who are more prone to depression because their personalities are exposed more often pessimistic and anxious for something. There is also a person who has the personality to be optimistic and always prejudiced either against a State.
The mindset; Someone who often thought negatively to himself vulnerable while exposed to depression
Stress; stress is often encountered in life, it could be because of missing something, someone, work and so on Stress triggering of depression.
The Environment; be it a work environment, socialization, home and more greatly affect the psychological state of a person. Less healthy environments can make someone more susceptible affected by depression.

How To Prevent Depression
After discussing about the sense and causes of terjadianya depression, then we talk about how to prevent the depression itself. Depression can be prevented by various means namely as follows;
Enough rest; sleep or rest is the time that can be relaxing the mind and muscles in our bodies. With the rest on a regular basis then you will avoid depression.
Avoid stress; do not over exert yourself in doing something because it can be affected by stress and increases the potential to cause depression. work is fundamental to our body and mind.
Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs; the use of harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs are not tolerated if you really want to avoid depression. Alcohol and drugs known to affect the nervous tubu

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