How to Prevent a Heart Attack With Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, and Herbs


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You may already be going down the mental checklist of heart attack prevention. Exercise. Check. Weight Control. Check. Lifestyle. Check. “OK”, you may say, “I should be good to go!” These preventative items have all been written about in the popular press. Still, something deep inside bothers us when we hear that – despite all the prevention – cardiovascular disease is once again named as the number one killer of people like us in the U.S. There must be more to this. As an alternative health activist I can tell you that yes there is more to this! Read on and we will bring to light some very effective ways of preventing heart attack.
Not just weight control, good nutrition required here. Simply put, a healthy way of eating includes fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and grain, with a little meat thrown in weekly.. Delete dairy, add in water, and you have a good idea.
Exercise. Experts tell us to do this at least three times a week. In other words, do not be a weekend warrior – this is dangerous. What we want to do is condition our heart and vascular system. Packing all the exercise into one session is not conditioning – it is abuse of your body and can be fatal. Regular exercise that conditions the heart and blood vessels has several components:
It is done in regular sessions (not all at once). When we condition, we raise our heart rate to a level that is safe yet conditioning. This varies by the person. Consult your healthcare practitioner for this one. Again according to experts, we need to keep that heart rate up for at least 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.The intensity of the exercise can be increased over time as we condition our systems.
Lifestyle is next, so brace yourself. It is much easier to be macho and go to the gym and yet neglect lifestyle. Both are very important. What a good lifestyle includes is:
Exposure to the sun regularly. Do not go out and get 3 hours all at once if you are not conditioned to it. This is a good way to get a severe burn and even skin cancer. Avoiding a burn can be done
Air. Fresh air is imperative to your heart and all other tissues of the body. You cannot survive without enough oxygen. Why else get enough oxygen? Here is a good one: when we exercise, we need increased oxygen to build and heal those muscles and organs that work out.
Stress relief? Why? Stress does some bad things to our cardiovascular system. For example, it causes the blood vessels to tighten up and increase the blood pressure. An increased blood pressure can, over time, damage the heart and other organs. Continuous stress over time also can lead to Adrenal Burnout. Adrenal burnout, in turn will lead to cardiovascular damage. We have to get rid of continuous stress. Exercise helps. Prayer helps. Worshipping God and and meditating on His Word helps.
Beyond all these things, Herbal Aids can help with heart attack prevention and even aid in healing if it has already happened. For example:
Take Apple Cider Vinegar is a good way to help dissolve the gunk hanging on the inside of the artery walls. Three tablespoonfuls daily. I like to take it all at once in warm water sweetened with honey.
Cayenne pepper can help to rejuvenate those blood vessels. Cayenne contains flavones that are needed to maintain and heal the interior of blood vessels. I like to take 1 teaspoonful of 35,000 unit cayenne in 4 oz cool water three times a day. It is hot, so work up to a teaspoonful. Cayenne tincture has also been given to people in the throes a heart attack (one dropper to a couple ounces or water or just squirt a dropper under the tongue). It is amazingly effective in its ability to stop a heart attack in its tracks.
We can slide in to home without a heart attack! Preparation and conditioning is the key. Don’t just sit there. Play ball!
Jim Spalding, M.H.

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