How To Naturally Treat Breast To Keep It Sexy


Is already a public secret, every woman crave for a sexy and beautiful breasts not for a time or a relatively short term. All of that to be had with the natural treatments and exercise regularly. Two types of exercise recommended was the push up and lift dumbel. Here are three ways to care for the breast to stay sexy and beautiful.

sagging breasts

A. Exercise for breasts
Push up exercise is exercise that most nice and helpful for formation and tightening of the chest muscle. Note When performing push up both elbows point with your body. Or by lifting two dumbel simultaneously up to ten times or more while lying with both knees at each point. While lowering dumbel, do it slowly.

B. breast Massage
The skin of the breast skin is very thin and not quite moist, so it’s very important to keep the skin moist in order not creased by a massage clockwise by using a soft towel and thin have first dibasai with cold water. Prior to these bottom crease between breast and chest and armpit. Or massage slowly and gently using milk that has been frozen [like ice cubes].

C. breast Mask
Some kind of mask that bias is used to treat breast naturally are as follows;

Refreshing mask: Orange lumatan mixed with egg whites, beat both this material so that it is completely mixed. Apply on the neck, breast and sekitaranya. Tutp use towels with approximately ¼ hours.
Mask fasteners: one piece of meat was crushed banana mixed with olive oil, apply two drops on the breast for ½ hour, then wash off using warm water.
moisturizing mask: use grated cucumber and apply evenly on the breast.

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