How To Naturally Tighten Sagging Breasts


Breasts taut, beautiful and healthy will give the appearance of sexy and of course the dream of every woman. But sometimes the expectations of living hope, because a variety of factors, both related to the breast itself as shrinking of breast milk glands, endothelium, the weakening of the connective tissue of the breast and the buffer decreased elasticity of the skin of the breast, especially after childbirth or while breastfeeding. Or external factors, namely the expensive treatments to make breasts firmer and sexier, like a breast lift or breast lift surgery. Not to mention the risks or side effects of the surgery.

sagging breasts

But here, you can get it all with the breast care tips can be done traditionally by using bananas. Surely this way with no side effects and is much cheaper than have to do a breast lift.

Here’s how to create and use bananas to tighten breasts naturally;

Meat two bananas already clean (already removed the skin and sabutnya) are mixed with pounded.
Mix it with a teaspoon of salt and honey to taste. Make sure all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Apply evenly on the breast as you use a mask
Allow some time to Maskers the breast dries up.
Then flush with warm water.
IMPORTANT …!!! Do not apply the herb on the nipple of the breast because it will be negative, such as arthritis become enlarged. This is due to the condition of the surface of the skin of the breast nipples in contrast to the skin around the breast.
Once you have a toned and shapely breasts surely want it not only ‘ a moment ‘. To maintain the beauty of the breasts, you need to do is take care of the breasts with a couple of tips as follows;

Use a bra or BH that is proportionate to the size and shape of your breasts.
Work out in an orderly and organized, it is important to train chest muscles.
Consume foods that are balanced with the amount of calories that enough so that Your ideal weight will make the shape of the breasts become proporsioanal.
Avoid using towels or other rough material, especially on the skin around the breast areola or nipples, especially on the nipples. This is because the area contains only a few kalogen.

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