How To Naturally Eliminate Dark Spots Acne Scars


Pretty face seems to be tasteless if not coupled with facial skin healthy and clean, soft, so that the face will look not charming. Black spots or acne scars is an issue that is often experienced by ABG’s daughter. Flecks of black acne scars are indeed open things easy to eliminate it. However, don’t worry, here I will be sharing about how to remove acne scars with bananas. Just made a mask with a mixture of two substances that exist around us, black Fleck you will soon disappear.

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Based on the analysis, the banana is potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins C and E, protein &. Vitamin C functions as the body’s endurance enhancer. While his vitamin E can prevent the process of premature aging. Even vitamin E contained in the banana fruit is rich in nutrients that are highly beneficial to the skin of the face. Here’s how to make a banana as a mask to cope with black flecks on the face.

A banana has been smooth in the mix with two tablespoons of honey and white yogurt 50 cc.
Use the mixture as a mask for face and neck
Allow approximately ten minutes
Rinse off using cool water to clean
For maximum results, perform regularly once a week.
If black flecks on the face was gone, it’s time for a fresh face care series by using water. Please note, the tea water had long dwelt in a glass or a container of highly beneficial to maintain facial beauty. The rest of the tea water that normally thrown away proved to be able to make the face of the sluggish due to a lack of sleep to be fresh.

Here’s how to stay beautiful and fresh face even though you feel very tired and lethargic by utilizing the rest of the tea water.

After waking up, wash the face with water, the tea is left on for one night
Use the dregs of tea as a facial cleanser
Allow a few moments until the tea seep into the pores of the face skin
Then rinsed with fresh water, then dried
So that the results can be maximized, perform regularly for each day at a time.

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