How to naturally Eliminate bad breath


Having a problem of bad breath which is unpleasant indeed very annoying. In addition it will interfere with others who are near us, bad breath will also disrupt our appearance before the others so it makes us feel not confident. Bad breath is indeed not a disease, but its presence should be our pick because it can immediately make others and yourself are uncomfortable when hanging out.

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Causes Of Bad Breath
Bad breath can be caused by a variety of things, some types of illnesses such as strep throat, tonsils, indigestion can be a trigger for a foul mouth odor. In addition, some types of food can also cause bad breath that does not.

In addition because of illness and food, the bacteria hide in the oral cavity is the most common cause of bad breath is foul. Bacteria-bacteria hiding in the oral cavity has the ability to membusukkan the remains of food sticking to the teeth and produce sulphur compounds are volatile. That’s why you should do the proper mouth care to eradicate the bacteria-bacterial pembusuk in the oral cavity. Because in fact, brushing my teeth twice a day is not enough to keep my mouth we stay fresh and so will avoid bad breath.

How To Fix Bad Breath

Here are some tips and how to cope with bad breath are not tasty in nature.
Chew Gum
Chew gum turns out to also be one of the solutions to overcome your bad breath. If during this you always eat the sweet candy after dinner, then immediately replace it with chewing gum. Although sweet candies can make your mouth feels fresh, but the effect of the fresh only lasts while the sweet candy because it can make your mouth dry. While chewing gum can stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth so that the mouth is dry. In addition, the chewing gum can also be dental cleanser.

Consume Fruits
Consuming fruits rich in water and high in fiber such as apples and pears turned out to be very powerful to ward off bad breath. It is the second such dikerenakan fruit can increase the production of saliva in the mouth so that the mouth is not dried up. The fruit is high in fiber can also serve as a natural cleaning of the teeth. In addition to apples and pears, lemon and guava are also powerful enough to ward off the stench of foul mouth.

Gargle With Antiseptic
Brushing my teeth twice a day is not enough to keep our oral health. For that, try to gargle with an antiseptic liquid (mouthwash) after brush your teeth. This will be done so that our mouths are always free from bacteria-bacteria causes bad breath. In addition with the mouthwash, gargle with salt water is also powerful enough to overcome the problem of bad breath.

Green tea and betel leaf
Green tea and betel leaf has a very high antioxidant content. Can you drink green tea every day because in addition to cope with bad breath, green tea is also very beneficial to the health of the body. For the betel leaf, you can boil some strands of water decoction of the leaves and use it to gargle.

Avoid Strong Smelling Foods
The food you consume also affects the smell of your mouth. To that end, if you want to avoid the mouth smell unpleasant, we should avoid food that smells pungent like in Curry, Huntersville, and durian.

Eating Cheese
The content of calcium and phosphate minerals are high enough in the cheese turns out can increase the production of saliva and mouth we will not feel dry. In addition, the cheese can also prevent tartar.

Keep Your Oral Health
This can be done with diligent brushing my teeth after meals, using mouthwash, often consume the water white, and don’t forget to use tongue cleaners.

Avoid Smoking and alcohol
Smoking and alcohol is indeed a source of disease. In addition it may cause bad breath, smoking can also cause gum disease, tooth, even flecks of cancer of the mouth

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