One best way to make your hair grow longer faster for both men and women is by taking good care of your hair. Naturally made home remedies like honey, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil aloe vera, vinegar are also helpful. There is no overnight treatment that can make hair long in a day or one week. It may take a few months to get long hair, so patience is required.

make your hair grow longer faster

Nowadays hair is one of the problems for both men and women. Many people believes that it takes too much time for their hair to grow long, but let me just tell you every individuals hair grow half a inch each month. So it takes equal time for everyone’s hair to grow but then too you often wonder that his/her hair grows faster than my hair, it’s a myth basically that person’s hair are taken good care by him/her or by their parents. So now I am will offer you some tips about how to grow your hair longer and maintain it.

  1. Trim your hair once in few months. Regular trimming is one of the steps you need to make in order to grow long hair. So trim your hair once in 3 months, it gives a nice look and good growth. I know it sounds weird that in order to grow your hair longer you need to trim it, but it helps to get rid of dry and damaged hair. It helps to prevent split ends which can grow up the shaft of your hair, causing you more damage. A trim means cutting ΒΌ th inch of hair nothing more.
  2. Brush your hair twice daily. In my life my mom always told me two things everyday and that isn’t I love you, it is Brush your teeth and comb your hair properly till I was a teenager. So to maintain strong and long hair you must brush your hair once in morning and in evening for better scalp circulation. Don’t just brush it like 100 times because than it will damage the roots and also you will lose hair. And a pretty red marked warning for you is don’t use comb on wet hair.
  3. Clean hair thrice a week. Cleaning hair is one of the most important step that will prevent build up of oils and dirt and thus protect your scalp from dandruff and itching. With a good brand shampoo wash your hair thrice a week to keep your hair healthy. After washing remember to use a conditioner to make hair nourished and strong. This will not only make your hair grow longer quickly but will also make it soft, shiny and healthy.
  4. Moisturizing your hair. Moisturizing hair is important, because if your hair loses its moisture then hair roots dry and ultimately it breaks. So it is best to use moisturizing products like shampoo, conditioners etc. You can also use many natural products like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, honey etc to make your hair moisturized and soft.
  5. Massages to make hair longer.Massage hair with natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil to strengthen the hair roots. Massaging also helps to increase blood flow towards scalp that help in hair nourishment. Put little oil in hair and with your fingers massage your scalp. Leave this oil in hair for the night and wash it in the morning. Follow this method thrice a week, days when you have planned to wash your hair.
  6. Maintain a good healthy diet. Maintaining good health basically means to take care of what you eat, drink, and how you treat your body, because physical appearance is greatly affected by poor health and unhygienic environment. So in order to take care of your hair you need to take care of your health. You need to eat enough fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and exercise regularly. Since hair grows from your body, if you treat body properly then your skin, nails and hair benefit too. People who suffer from vitamin deficiency and have unhealthy diets can even suffer from dry and brittle hair.
  7. Don’t heat your hair. Many people use flat iron to straight, or give curls to their hair which in turn damages its quality. So you should stay away from heat styling, hot water bath and hot water blow dryers as much as possible. Choose a certain hairstyle that doesn’t need too much heating.
  8. Make your hair grow longer naturally.

    1. Honey is an effective treatment for providing moisture and making hair smooth and silky. Take honey and add few lemon drops to it. Apply this honey mask to hair and leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair with a shampoo. This will clean and clear your scalp thus making hair healthy and longer.
    2. Rinsing hair with vinegar solution will help you to remove dandruff, oils from scalp and maintain the PH levels of hair. Cleaning hair prevents blocking of hair roots and thus can make hair grow faster and get you long hair quickly.
    3. Massaging natural oils is an old age technique to make hair nourished and moisturized. Take olive oil and coconut oil mixture and apply it evenly throughout the hair. Now with fingers give a gentle massage for 15 minutes and leave it overnight. Clean your hair in the morning using a shampoo.
    4. Eggs contains proteins which is a major component of hair plus it has vitamins and minerals that can increase hair growth. Break eggs (according to hair size) and add it to a bowl. Remove the yellow part and add curd to it. Blend this mixture well and apply it to hair for 15 minutes, now rinse hair using a shampoo. Eggs have well known properties that will help to increase hair size naturally.
    5. Aloe vera can be used as a natural shampoo for rinsing hair. A research conducted at the Hawaii University showed that the aloe gel was used by ancient Egyptians for repairing hair loss, promoting hair growth and treating scalp infections. This gel contains enzymes that can nourish and make your hair longer faster. Extract the gel of aloe from its leaf, apply it to hair for 15 minutes and then wash your hair.
    6. Onion is also an old technique for making hair longer and denser. Onion contains sulphur that produces collagen and collagen increases hair growth. Chop onion into fine pieces and extract its juice. Apply it to hair for 15 minutes and using a mild shampoo wash your hair.

    Tips to make hair longer

    1. To make your hair grow long, cleaning and moisturizing it is important.
    2. Avoid using chemicals on hair to get rid of hair loss problems and weak hair.
    3. Alway keep hair moisturized, as lack of moisture can make hair dry and rough and weak.
    4. Massages are very important to make your hair grow longer quickly.
    5. In case of some severe hair problem consult a dermatologist.

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