Sometimes hair loss can be interpreted as a phase of the turn of the old hair with new hair, but the symptoms of hair replacement is sometimes made uneasy by the loss of up to a few strands of hair each day. Normally hair loss amounted to 50-100 strands each day, as pointed out that human hair has a volume of up to 10,000 pieces.

Hair loss in a way that is unnatural for example, hair loss caused by dandruff or side effects of the various causes of hair loss. It is not easy to restore or re-grow hair after hair loss, hair grows in a natural way if it has a healthy scalp, scalp and nutrition and supporting components of hair growth, but what if the hair grows in a way that slow ?? certainly require assistance or special medications and treatments to grow hair back that sometimes we are wrong in choosing hair care, hair becomes damaged as a result and so on.

a. hair nutrition

Hair needs balanced nutrition as well as other supporting components, sometimes someone to grow hair using shampoo hair grower that sold under various brands that have proliferated in the market. Those that use a variety of hair care with many contain artificial chemicals and other hazardous materials mix.

Actually, there are natural ways that can be taken to regrow hair loss, one of which is the provision of nutrients to the hair by using natural herbal ingredients that are generally used to complement a lot of seasoning, such as pecans, ginseng, avocado, lemon, olive oil , coconuts and so on.

By using herbal ingredients has long been known and used for various purposes ranging from preventing, addressing and curing the disease, not just a disease that can be helped by herbal ingredients. Herbs are known to have no harmful side effects when knowing and understanding in the use and processing. The ability of an herbal remedy that functions as a suppressor of symptoms, prevent, respond and improve the natural healing mechanisms of the body to address the root causes.

However, by using or taking herbs alone are not enough efektf be based on the self-discipline ranging from healthy lifestyle changes, the ban will consume a particular food, as well as a healthy diet is key to maintaining a successful and self-care of any disease. As well as the hair which also require the same attention and care like other limbs, one of which is the provision of adequate nutrition so that the cells of the dermal papilla in the hair follicle roots can grow optimally. Because the root of the hair is the foundation pillar of any supplier or food for the hair that should be enough with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other components of nutritional value.

In addition to providing nutritional value and balanced nutrition komppnen, hair should always be maintained for cleanliness and health. With the intensity of a regular shampoo 3-4 times a week is able to maintain the cleanliness of the hair, do not forget to memiliih type of shampoo that suits your hair type they have.

b. hair Care

Who would not want to look beautiful, healthy with a radiant glow white face beautiful charming premises plus strands of black hair, bushy and healthy. Surely will make ourselves the center of attention of a million pairs of eyes. But not a few men sometimes neglect Wanit or care for body and hair to look always awake and seem dazzling.

But there were also the women who are willing to spend some money to do a hair care treatment disalon handled prominent and well-known experts in hair care. Women are the main objects of various issues of beauty, body care from head to toe. Hair loss is one of them, the problem of hair loss mostly hit on women, even though men also have the same risk.

Many women who do the treatment at a beauty salon with the use of chemicals in treatment are often not known to cause side effects that are harmful to the survival of hair. In fact the key of the beauty of the hair itself is how well we take care of the hair when hair loss, hair growth after hair loss is caused by many things.

Many ways can be taken as an effort to maintain the beauty of hair is one of the traditional way using herbal ingredients that are easily obtainable as hazelnut seeds, castor oil, olive oil, avocado, lemon, green tea etc. which are already known to have a myriad of benefits . Hebrbal materials can also be used as an herb to grow hair loss, balding hair grow, and strengthen hair roots and helps stimulate the growth of hair-forming cells esl new.

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