Extra skin care is the only fast way to get spotless skin on face. You can naturally reduce the spots or buy scar lightening creams. Home remedies are helpful but they are not as quick as skin creams. Hence to get fair and clear skin on face apply these lightening creams everyday. Down are mentioned some precautions and tips that will keep your skin free from spots and scars.

Ways to Get Beautiful Eyes

Deep skin cleansing

Deep skin cleansing is a good way to remove the spots and darkness from skin. Exfoliation is the best method to deeply remove skin impurities and prevent pimple breakouts. Pimples leave behind scars and spots if not taken proper care. To begin with exfoliation go and buy a good facial scrub with extracts of natural ingredients. These scrubs contain peptides and nano particles that effectively remove oils, dirt from skin and help to lighten dark spots. Now pass hot water vapours to skin i.e. to steam your skin. After steaming apply these scrub to your face and rub it gently in circular motion. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face. This will give a glowing and spotless skin which is free from dark spots and scars.

Never leave skin dry

Never leave skin dry because dryness makes our body to produce extra moisture that makes skin oily. These excess oils get clogged in our skin pores leading to pimples. Pimples usually leave behind scars on face. Hence to avoid such conditions apply non comedogenic moisturizer rich in vitamin E and natural moisturizing extracts. Non comedogenic moisturizers are those which does not block our pores. In case you have oily skin type use oil free moisturizers. This precaution will help you to keep skin soft and spot free.

Use scar lightening creams

Use scar lightening creams that contains peptides, vitamin C and anti oxidants to boost the production of collagen in body. Collagen is the elastic substance that helps to erase wrinkles, dark spots and scars from skin getting you a spotless face. Apply these toners to your scars and spot to remove them fast and make your skin glowing and beautiful.


Massages increases circulation of blood towards skin. More blood means more oxygen and nutrients that help in keeping skin nourished. There are many ways by which you can massage your skin. Some prefer creams and lotions while some opt for natural remedies like honey. I use lotion massage as they make my skin soft. First I take ice cubes and rub it slowly on my face for 5 minutes. This gives me red cheeks with a glowing skin complexion. Now with a good skin lotion I massage my face. This keeps my face skin moist, fair and spotless.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy is the simplest precaution that helps to keep skin away from dark acne scars and spots. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily to provide vitamins and minerals to body. Apart from this skin also needs anti oxidants and proteins to fight against sun, pollution and other skin related problems. Also drink 10 glasses of water everyday to keep skin hydrated from inside. Water also helps to wash away toxins under skin.

Get spotless skin naturally

  1. Rub lemon juice to skin once a week. In case of irritation dilute it with water and then use it. Citric acid in lemon helps to remove impurities and oils from skin while vitamin C lightens the scars and spot giving you a spotless skin on face.
  2. Keep cool cucumber slices on your dark spots daily. Cucumbers provide moisture to skin and it lightening properties makes the spots less visible.
  3. Apply potato juice to your spots. Catecholase enzymes present in potato helps to get rid of dark circles and spots. You can also keep potato slice on spots for 15 minutes daily. Following this method daily will make your skin fair and spotless.
  4. Mix tomato juice to aloe vera gel and massage it to skin. This is a effective method for providing moisture and anti oxidants to skin that clears the darkness from skin and helps to keep your face young and glowing.
  5. Mix orange juice and olive oil together and massage it to your face. This mixture provides vitamin C and E to skin that lightens skin tone and keep it moisturized.
  6. Add little milk to honey and use it for your skin. This is a perfect skin nourishment technique used for removing spots on skin and making it radiant and smooth

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