One best way to get rid of skin moles on face quickly is by taking a good care and following a treatment suitable to your skin type. To remove skin moles naturally made home remedies using apple cider vinegar, baking soda, honey and garlic are also very effective.

Get Rid of Skin Moles
  1. Visit a specialist. This will be the fastest way to remove ugly black dots from your skin. The doctor will adopt cauterization or laser treatment based on its type for removal. This tip is costly, but is a guaranteed technique for getting rid of moles on skin.
  2. Apply iodine daily. After consulting to a specialist use iodine for your treating your skin. Get a solution with five percent iodine and apply it twice daily. During day keep it for 15 minutes and then wash. At night dip cotton ball in this solution and keep it on moles for the entire night. This will quickly help you to remove the ugly spots making skin look clear and beautiful.
  3. Protect skin from the damaging sun rays. Excess skin exposure to sun can lead to formation of moles on skin. Excess number of these moles is a sign of cancer, hence skin needs to be protected. Apply sun protection creams whenever you spend time in sun to shield your skin from the damaging ultra violet rays. This precaution will prevent skin problems keeping it spotless.
  4. Aspirin treatment for black marks. Powder aspirin and add little water to make a paste. Apply this paste to your moles for 20 minutes daily and then rinse it. After a week if you notice that your mole is shrinking, use it until it completely gets off.
  5. Buy a mole removal cream. If you cannot afford a surgery than ask your doctor for a mole removal cream. You should know that not every treatment is equal for every person. So after applying this cream to your skin if you do not notice any change in the first 10 days then try some other treatments to cure your dark spots.
  6. Vinegar is the best natural treatment. This remedy has proved helpful for 60% people having warts and black spot on skin. If this suits you then you are lucky as apple cider vinegar removes moles leaving no scars on skin. Dip small cotton piece in vinegar and apply it to your skin. Leave it for half hour and then wash it with cold water. If you see positive results within a week then repeat it until it is removed or go for some other remedy.
  7. Baking soda to cure moles. Take baking soda and add water or olive oil to it. Apply this paste to your moles and cover it with cotton. Leave it for the entire night so that it works well and wash it in the morning. This remedy has also helped many to cure this skin problem.
  8. Aloe vera gel therapy for clear skin Aloe gel extracts are used to treat a variety of skin problems. Anti-oxidants, moisture and skin cleansing enzymes in this gel can clear your mole leaving no scar on skin. Apply this gel to your spot and leave it until it dries. Slowly you will notice that the ugly marks have been erased from skin.
  9. Ginger garlic paste. Ginger and garlic have been used since ancient times to get rid of warts and moles from skin. Mix the garlic and ginger paste together and cover your skin with it. Remember that this treatment is not for people with sensitive skin type.
  10. Tomatoes for clear skin. Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants, lycopene and acids that can help you to clear the dark moles from skin. Apply the paste of tomato for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Repeat it everyday and you will get positive results in a week.
  11. Apply onions daily. Make fine pieces of onion and add it to a cloth. Press the cloth hard and extract is juice. Now using cotton apply this juice to your moles and leave it for the entire night. You can also make paste of onion and apply it to your infected skin.
  12. Banana nourishing peel. Rub peel of banana gently on your moles and then apply paste of banana to it. Keep it covered for 20 minutes and then wash it. Nourishing vitamins and mineral in banana and its peel will remove the warts and black dots from skin and make it spotless.
  13. Honey for smooth skin Honey has anti-septic and moisturizing properties that can be used to treat skin moles. Apply honey to skin and leave it, so that it dries. Following this remedy will help you to get rid of moles quickly. This home remedy is beneficial for person having sensitive skin type.
  14. Strawberry paste for glowing skin. Take one strawberry and make a paste of it. Apply it to your dark skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Anti-oxidants and vitamins in strawberry will treat your skin and make it clear.

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