The best way to get rid of shaving rash fast is by treating it by using creams and ointments. Apply these creams to your rashes on face, hands and between legs regularly to get quick relief overnight. Naturally made home remedies using baking soda, aloe vera, oatmeal, olive oil are also effective for treating skin allergies.

Get Rid of Shaving Rash

Apply calamine creams to skin.

Buy one anti-rash cream and apply it three or four times in a day to clear itchy skin in a week. Such creams contain anti- inflammatory and soothing properties that cure red and irritating skin and provide relief quickly. Avoid applying these creams to open wounds to prevent any kind of infection.

Visit a doctor to soothe skin.

Buy a corticosteroid cream under the prescription from a doctor. These creams have more powerful steroids that can easily treat an old rash. If this cream is not suitable for your skin type and does not respond well then the doctor shall give you tacrolimus cream or pimecrolimus ointments. Apply this cream daily as prescribed to avoid any further problems.

Avoid wearing tight clothes.

Tight clothes can lead to friction with rashes and worsen your skin problem. Rubbing of clothes with skin can make it red and inflamed. Try to wear loose and soft clothes until your skin problem is cured.

Stay away from allergens.

If the rash is because of heat than apply sun protection lotions before going out. Try to remain away from allergic products. Skin allergies can be caused by chemicals from hair dyes and nail polishes, fragrance of flowers and perfumes. Also metals like nickel, platinum and chromium are common causes of skin allergy.

Avoid getting in touch with chemicals.

Avoid using chemical soaps and deodorants to prevent your problem from worsening. Never do swimming in pools to prevent contact with chlorine water. Following these precautions will help to solve your rash problem in a few days.

Home remedies for shaving rash

  1. Ice therapy can also be used to treat skin rashes caused by either heat or shaving. The technique is really very simple, just add ice cubes to a soft cloth and place it on your red patches for 10 minutes to get relief from burning and inflamed skin. This will not only help you to clear the skin rash, but will also eliminate pimples from your skin.
  2. Neem leaves for red itchy skin. Neem leaves work as a natural ointment for getting rid of rashes because of shaving and other skin infections. This leaves contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps to kill germs on skin making it healthier. Add 20-30 leaves in hot water and allow this water to cool. Now take a clean cotton ball, dip it in this water and gently apply it to your rashes.
  3. Baking soda and cold water paste can be applied to skin for 15 minutes daily to cure skin rash fast. Also, you can mix vitamin E oil to this paste as an alternative to provide moisture to the skin.
  4. Apply oatmeal on skin. Add oatmeal to cold water and soak a soft clean cloth in it. Now twist the cloth hard to remove the water and keep this wet cloth on your infected skin. Adding oatmeal to water for baths can also be used to get rid of rashes on hands, face and between legs.
  5. Witch hazel plant can soothe rashes. The witch hazel plant can be used to quickly get relief from skin problems like shaving rashes, eczema, and irritated skin. Astringent properties of this plant can effectively be used to cure skin rashes. Heat up a half quart of water and later include an ounce of bark of this plant. Allow the water to cool and now dip a clean soft cloth in it. Keep this cloth on affected skin for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water.
  6. Aloe vera gel for healthy skin. Aloe gel is a common treatment used to get rid of rashes on skin due to heat or shaving. This gel has anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers and provides a calming sensation when applied to skin. Slice an aloe leaf horizontally from center and extract this gel in a bowl. Apply it to your inflamed red skin and let it dry. After it dries clean it using cold water. Follow this method daily to get quick relief from itching and inflammation from shaving and heat.
  7. Use olive oil to moisturize skin. This oil is rich in vitamin E, anti-oxidants and has therapeutic powers that can quickly cure your shaving rash. Take a cotton ball and dip it in olive oil. Now place it on your skin for 15 minutes and follow this method twice a day to solve your problem overnight.
  8. Use banana peels on your skin. Take a peel of banana and keep the inside of the banana on your red skin. This remedy will help you to get quick relief from minor shaving rashes and skin irritation. Hence, never throw the banana peel next time you want to treat your skin allergies.
  9. Eat healthy foods to treat skin allergies. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins should be eaten daily to counter attack to rashes and other skin problems. This will help to moisturize and nourish skin cells, keeping all problems away.
  10. Vinegar kills the bacteria and provides a cooling sensation when applied to skin. It can be good for getting relief from shaving rashes on face. Mix vinegar with water and apply it to your rash for 5 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

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