The fastest way to get rid of red nose and cheeks is to apply a good anti redness creams to face. Natural home remedies are also very helpful in removing the maroon patches from skin but they may take time. Hence to cure your problem, protect skin from chemicals and damaging sun rays. Allergies and nausea are also some reasons that can make your skin look pink.

Get rid of red nose and cheeks

Get rid of redness on nose and cheeks

Buy useful skin products

Poor quality cosmetics contain chemicals that damages skin cell and leads to irritation. These cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that can be a reason for redness on face. To avoid such condition use skin products that contain natural extracts of fruits, honey, aloe vera, neem etc and which are free from harmful chemicals.

Protect your face from sun

Sun is also another major reason for red nose and cheeks. Use skin products that contain sun protecting factor (at least 15 SPF) to reflect back the sun rays and shield your skin. These creams should be used to get rid of redness and to prevent further sun-burns on skin. Apply it to your face whenever you go out in hot afternoons and during sun baths.

Anti redness cream

Buy a cream that helps to cure the redness of your sensitive skin. Such creams contain compounds that help to soothe and return face skin to normal. There are lots of such creams available in market that can fade your red skin on nose and cheeks.

Ways to get rid of redness on face naturally

Honey to reduce redness on face

Honey is anti-septic in nature. It is also a natural humectant which means it moisturizes skin to get rid of irritation. It provides cooling sensation red skin giving you relief. Take honey in a bowl and use it as a face-mask. Try it daily, it will effectively get rid of re cheeks.

Aloe gel for treating redness

Aloe vera gel contains anti-microbial and cleaning properties. Due to it’s healing power it is used on burns and cuts. It also provides moisture to skin soothing the redness. Aloe vera gel can be applied to sun-burns and to redness on face before sleep. Within one week you will see that your face has turned normal.

Cool cucumber slices

The cooling sensation provided by cucumber helps to reduce irritation and inflammation caused by sun burns. Cucumber is a great form of natural moisturizer and is very quick in calming the inflammation caused. It provides moisture to skin calming the effect of redness. Keep cucumber slices on nose to remove redness and soothe and repair skin cells.

Cream of milk to reduce redness

Alpha hydro oxy acid in milk washes out the dead skin cells. Milk contains vitamins and minerals that provide full nourishment to soothe redness of skin. Cover your face with milk cream with cold rose water added to it. Allow this cream to dry and then rinse it with cold water.

Oat mask for face

Mix oats to milk, honey or aloe vera and prepare a paste out of it. Apply it to face and allow it to dry. Try it daily to reduce the inflammation of skin. Keep this paste on skin for at least 30 minutes and then wash it.

Natural oils for face

Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil are useful skin treatment for soothing skin. These oils contain anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E that provides moisture and calms the aggravated skin. Use any of these oils or mix them together for effective removing the sun burns and redness on your nose and cheeks.

Papaya fruit facial

Make a paste of papaya and use it as a face mask. Enzymes and vitamins in papaya help to reduce skin irritation and redness on face. Cover your face with this paste for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Massage ice cubes to face

Gently massage ice cubes to your nose or cheeks. Cooling effect of ice can also be used to treat sun burns. Massing ice is a great home remedy to get rid of redness on face. Take 2-3 cubes of ice and add it to a piece of clean cloth. Now keep this cloth on face to get relief from redness and inflammation of skin.

Use vitamin C

Regular consumption of vitamin C will erase the red colour on your nose. Vitamin C increases immunity and also helps to stimulate re-generation of new skin cells. Also applying vitamin C to skin can cure your red skin. Apply lemon or orange juice to skin and wash it for 15 minutes using cold water. In case of inflammation immediately wash your face. 

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