Proper care is the only fast way to get rid of bloodshot eyes. Cucumbers are very effective to get relief from red eyes naturally. Also moisturizing drops are present to treat your problem. Natural home remedies like cold water and ice are also very helpful for curing bloodshot eyes. Avoid smoking and rubbing eyes to prevent irritation and red eyes. Following these tips daily will make your eyes beautiful and glowing.

Get Rid of red and bloodshot eyes

Keep cucumber slices on your eyes

Cut cucumber slice and cool it. Now keep it on your eyes to make them relaxed. Cucumber provides lots of moisture, reduces stress and helps to get rid of eye redness. During evening after your stressful day take cucumbers and keep it on eyes to keep it fresh and beautiful. This home remedy will help to remove dark circles under eyes.

Use cold water wash for eyes

One of the most simple and effective way for removing redness from eyes is to use cold water. Take a clean piece of cotton cloth and dip it in cold water. Now keep it on eyes for 10 minutes. This will help to reduce the stress on eyes making it more relaxed. Try it daily for getting rid of eye redness and keeping eyes beautiful.

Keep banana peels on eyes

Next time when you eat a banana keep the peels in your refrigerator. After it cools, keep the inside part of the peel on your closed eyes for 5 minutes and see the majic. This removes the redness of stressed eyes and makes it relaxed and healthy.

Lack of sleep makes eyes red

Inadequate sleep leads to lot of stress on eyes that make it red. Lack of sleep is also a reason for dark circles under eyes. Hence to prevent eyes from becoming red sleep for at least 7-8 hours to keep eye look fresh and glowing.

Protect eyes

Prevent eye contact with soaps shampoos and face wash. These products contain chemicals that can lead to irritation and make eye bloodshot. In case of eye contact wash eyes thoroughly with cold water.

Television and laptops

Excessive exposure of eyes to televisions, laptops and computers have a damaging effect on eyes. This reduces the moisture from eyes making it dry and red. Removal of moisture is the main reason for lower vision. To prevent such condition blink eyes frequently or close your eyes for 5 minutes after every half hour. This will keep eyes moisturized and relaxed. Splashing cold water to eyes is also a good option for keeping eye fresh.

Add moisture to eyes

Lack of moisture is the one of the main reason for making eyes to look red. Some of the common reasons for less eye moisture is lower eye blinking and lack of vitamin b complexes. Add eye moisturizing drops once in two days and for vitamin deficiency you can buy a vitamin supplement. This will prevent eyes from becoming bloodshot and keep it moist and hydrated.

Wear sunglasses

Its better to wear sun glasses in afternoons to lock moisture to eyes. Hot sunny afternoons tends to remove moisture from eyes making it red and dry. This is a helpful precaution for keeping eyes healthy and beautiful.

Quit your bad habits

Smoking, alcohol and drugs also makes eyes red and lead to dark circles. While smoking when the smoke enters our eyes it make it look red.Hence, its advised to stay away from such unhealthy habits to keep eyes and body healthy.

Wear goggles

Swimming pool water contains chlorine in it. Such water when it comes in contact with eyes leads to irritation and make it red. Hence, as a precaution wear goggles before going to pool.

Use ice

Take a clean cloth and add ice cubes to it. Now keep this cloth on eyes for 5 minutes to release stress. Another option is to freeze teaspoons and then keep it on eyes. These are some helpful home remedies for curing red eyes. 

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