Dry and rough hair is common problem for women. But don’t worry here are some useful ways and tips for getting rid of dry hair naturally at home. Following these natural remedies will make your hair moisturized and soft quickly.

Get Rid of Dry Rough Hair

Washing your hair

If you have dry hair than you should not wash your hair daily because it would de-moisturise your hair which would eventually worsen your condition. You should wash your hair by 2-3 day interval. It would allow your hair to get adequate moisture which is good for your hair. Proper washing habits will prevents your hair from becoming dry hair rough.

Eating and drinking habits

Dry hair can also be caused due to dehydration i.e. low water intake. So you should drink as much of water as you can. You should also eat stuff like bananas, dairy and dark green vegetables etc. Include proteins, vitamins and mineral for proper hair nourishment. Eat cucumbers, watermelon and lot of juices to fix moisture to hair.

Massage your dry hair

Massages are very helpful in increasing the supply of nutrients to hair by blood. Massage helps in producing moisture to hair that helps you to get rid of dry and rough hair. Massages also help to make our hair roots strong which prevents hair fall. Take coconut or almond oil and massage it to your scalp. These vitamin E moisturizers help to make our hair soft and silky,

Shampoo and styling

Don’t use shampoos and conditioner that contain harsh chemical because it causes excess damage to your hair. Buy good quality hair products to prevent stripping of moisture from hair .Don’t do straightening or curling to your hair, it may cause structural and heat damage to your hair which ultimately leads to dry hair.


Your hair loses too much moisture during the day when you work or when it is exposed in heat. Since hair grows straight from our body which means our body doesn’t get adequate water to keep our hair moisturised. So to avoid this from happening we need to drink 6 – 10 glasses of water every day. Also use good conditioners and hair oils that keep hair moist and soft.

Natural and deep treatments

  1. Some helpful tips
    Natural oil treatment
    : Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil are rich in vitamin E that provides moisture to hair getting you rid of dry hair. Take lukewarm oil and apply it to your scalp and cover it with shower cap and after 30 minutes rinse your hair it nicely. Follow this process every time before washing hair to keep it soft always.
  2. Milk cream: Milk cream is a good source for various vitamins, minerals and lots of moisture that effectively reduces roughness and dryness in hair. Remove the milk cream and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and with cold water wash your hair. Milk helps to nourish hair and make it soft while cold water helps in retaining some moisture.
  3. Deep egg treatment: Take two eggs, add honey to it and mix it properly. Apply this mixture to your hair after shampoo and keep it for 15 min and then rinse it with hot water. Eggs not only makes hair soft but it also make it stronger.
  4. Cocoa Butter: Take a mixture of a cocoa butter, 2 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp of honey and apply it to your scalp. Cover your hair with shower cap for 30 min and then rinse it nicely. Cocoa butter will help to keep hair moist.
  5. Tea tree oil: Add a tbsp of tea tree oil in your conditioner and use your conditioner as always.
  6. Beer treatment: A beer can be used as substitute for a conditioner. You can use beer as conditioner after shampoo as you do with your conditioner on daily basis.
  7. Honey is also a good conditioner that provides moisture removing dryness from hair. Take honey and apply it to hair. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then was it. Follow this technique before washing hair to get ultra smooth and shiny hair.
  8. Vinegar is a natural hair softner that adds silkiness and shine to hair. Dilute vinegar with water and rinse your hair with it thrice a week to get rid of dry and rough hair.
  1. Drink water as much as you can. Water will help to keep body hydrated from inside and thus produce moisture for making hair soft.
  2. Eat vitamin and protein rich food. Such foods will help to keep hair healthy.
  3. And most important in this case don’t overdo or over style your hair.
  4. Protect hair from the intense heat from sun. Heat takes away moisture from hair making hair dry and rough. Hence wear a scarf, cap or hat before going out in sun.

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