One best way to get rid of dark underarms naturally fast and make it fair is by taking proper care of your skin. Buy skin lightening creams to remove darkness from underarms, or go for natural home remedies like lemon, cucumbers, turmeric, olive oil, aloe vera, potato or baking soda at home. These treatments and methods are helpful to both men and women and will quickly lighten the darkness and make your skin tone fair.

Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Steps for lightening dark under arms

Remove underarms hair

Your under arms can look dark because of the ingrown hair under skin. Hence wax your under arms for removing the hairs from the root. Avoid shaving as shaving only removes the hairs above skin and creates an illusion of darkness.

Clear the dead skin

Dead skin cells can make your under arms look darker. Hence, for deep skin cleansing exfoliate your arm pits. Exfoliation tends to wash away the dead skin cells and other impurities blocked under our arms which are a common reason for darkness and dirty underarms. Use exfoliates and scrubs containing glycolic acid or lactic acid. These acids help to remove impurities easily and lighten our skin.

Apply skin lightening creams

Buy some good skin lightening products that contain peptides and various natural extracts that help in removing the darkness of armpits. These scrubs should be used twice per week for removal of dirt and dead skin cells. Also, after scrubbing you can apply skin lightening creams with moisture to get rid of your problem quickly.

Provide moisture to underarms

Lack of moisture can make underarm skin dry, rough and dark. Hence remember to moisturize it daily before going to sleep. Moisture helps to keep skin soft and fairer. Use a good vitamin E moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated and helps you to get rid of dark under arms quickly.

Wash your underarms daily

Apart from this wash under arms every day while taking bath. This will wash out the dirt and bad odour from your armpit. Washing it every day can make skin dry and hence remember to moisturize it.

Rub cotton balls to your underarms

Take a cotton ball, wet in warm water and keep it on your underarm skin for 10 minutes. Now take another cotton ball and dip it in warm water. Rub this cotton ball on your skin for 10 minutes each. Wet skin tends to be smooth and gentle rubbing can remove dirt and dead cells from it.

Massage can improve skin tone

Massages are a great way for removing the impurities from the skin and making it look fair. Take some natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil and massage it to your skin for 10 minutes daily. This will not only remove darkness from skin, but will also moisturize it and make it soft.

Eat healthy vitamin rich food

Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can make skin dull and dark. Hence take all in one vitamin capsules (multi-vitamin) to fill the gap of nutrients to the skin. Eat a proper and healthy diet with vitamin C to lighten your skin. Vitamin C produces collagen that repairs dark skin and make it fair.

Tips to prevents darkening of armpit

  1. Natural ways to get rid of dark underarms.Wearing tight clothes can also be a reason for bad under arm condition. When tight clothes rub to your armpits it leads to skin darkening in that area. Hence, to reverse this problem, wear comfortable clothes.
  2. Using low quality or very strong deodorants can make under arms appear black. These products contain harmful chemicals which cause skin pigmentation. Hence use the best quality product that is chemical and problem free.
  3. Darker under arms in some people can be a result of diabetes. Diabetes leads to pigmentation of skin that makes skin dark. Hence maintain your insulin levels for getting fair armpits.
  4. Not exfoliating skin and lack of moisture leads to dead cell accumulation under armpits, which makes it appear dark and dull. Proper care of skin is the only fast way to get rid of dark underarms.
  1. Lemon is a natural skin cleansing product that helps to lighten skin tone. Rub lemon juice to your underarms for 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it daily to lighten your skin tone.
  2. Cucumber slices can be very effective in lightening your underarms skin. Cucumber has skin lightening properties and lots of moisture that helps to repair our skin and makes it fair.
  3. Aloe vera can be used as a natural exfoliate for your under arms. Apply the aloe vera gel under your arms. This gel provides antioxidants and moisture that helps to clean our pits and make it soft.
  4. Ice cubes should be massaged to your armpits. Massage ice cubes to remove impurities from skin and increase the blood flow to that area. Take ice cubes in a cloth and massage it daily for 10 minutes for solving your problem.
  5. Turmeric and sandalwood paste can be prepared by adding rose water to it. Now apply this paste under your arms and let it dry. Now wash it using warm water. This remedy will help you to get rid dark under arms.
  6. Olive oil can used and applied under your pits. This oil contains moisture and antioxidants that effectively reduces your underarm darkness. This is a very helpful natural remedy for moisturizing skin.
  7. Honey can be massaged to your skin. Honey helps skin to retain water, thus keeping it moisturized. Take honey and add lemon juice to it. Now gently rub it under your arms. For better results, repeat it daily.
  8. Papaya is rich in natural occurring enzyme called as papain, which is well known for properties that removes dirt and dead cells thereby making your underarms fair. Apply the papaya paste to your skin and rub it gently. Wash it after 20 minutes.
  9. Milk cream is full of moisture and nutrients that help in repairing the dark cells and making it fair. Just take some milk cream and massage it to affected area for getting lighter underarms.
  10. Potato is rich in a natural skin lightening enzyme called as catecholase. This enzyme is very helpful in removing dark spots, scars and lightening dark skin. Take a potato and cut a thick slice from it. Rub this slice to your armpits for 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it daily for getting positive and more effective results.

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