How To Get Rid Of Cystic Acne

Trying to learn to get rid of bystic acne is definitely something that everyone wants to learn more about but it seems like people still have no idea where to start. This is a terrible skin type that is made of swollen lumps that are underneath the skin. These cysts are typically filled with fluid or pus and it can also have some hardened mass.

Cystic acne also will be around longer than regular acne and so people definitely want to find a way to get of it. It is often brownish or a reddish color and it can actually be quite painful. If you happen to have it, then here are a few things that you can consider doing.

Wash Your Face

It is crucial that you learn how to take care of your face. Make it a habit to wash your face about twice a day with a cleanser that is oil-free.

You will need to pat dry your face and buy an oil-free toner that you can apply to your face with a ball of cotton. You will then massage the moisturizer to your face with your fingers and make sure that you do this on a daily basis.

Use Toothpaste

You can actually use toothpaste to help you eliminate of the cystic acne. Dab the toothpaste on the acne spots before you fall asleep. When you wake up, you will realize that the acne will be smaller than usual. This is a very unknown treatment but it truly does work for cystic acne.

Use Aspirin

If you want to get make the cystic acne disappear during the day, you can actually crush an aspirin pill and then mix it in with water to create a paste. You will then put the aspirin paste on the spots and then let it dry. The next step is to rinse the aspirin paste off with warm water and this can help reduce the swelling for a few hours.

Benzoyl-Peroxide Gel

If the home remedies just do not work for your cystic acne, then you should consider buying benzoyl-peroxide. This is a very effective gel that will definitely help with your cystic acne.

Seek Help

If the cystic acne just keeps getting worse or you need to finally eliminate acne in a hurry, then you can consider working with a dermatologist. They will give you a corticosteroid injection and this will be injected straight into the cystic acne. This will help you eliminate the acne quickly and finally avoid all the pain. Though it can seem like a hassle to find a good dermatologist, it is definitely worth it.

If you are serious about trying to learn how to get rid of  cystic acne, then you should consider trying this method out first. These are very effective home remedies that you can use and will definitely help make the pain go away. However, there are other home remedies out there and these are just a few that you can consider trying. The process of getting rid of acne is definitely not impossible and you need to just be patient with it.

Article Source: Susan Johannsen

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