One fast way to get baby soft skin is by applyling good skin moisturizers to face, hands and never leaving it dry and unmoisturized. You can aslo buy creams and products for soft skin. To get silky smooth skin, naturally made home remedies like honey, cocoa butter, avocado and aloe vera can be used for providing moisture to skin. These tips can be used by both men and women to make skin soft and beautiful.

Get Baby Soft Skin

Steps for making skin soft

  1. Avoid taking hot water baths.

    Use cold or warm water for taking baths to lock moisture to skin. Taking a hot water bath strips the natural moisturizing oils from body, making skin dry and rough. During winters people often take very hot baths that lead to demoisturized and rough skin.

  2. Use moisturizing soaps

    Now the second step is to use good moisturizing soaps for cleaning the body. Unlike other soaps these products contain moisturizing properties that help in getting baby soft skin.

  3. Apply moisturizing creams.

    After taking a bath, now it’s time to apply a good moisturizing lotion or cream to your skin. After taking baths our skin becomes soft and hence it easily absorbs the moisture that is provided by these products. For sensitive skin type, use baby oils to get silky skin.

  4. Protection against sun.

    Protection against the sun is another important step that keeps our skin away from dryness. Use lotions with sun protection (at least 20 SPF) to provide a shield to skin against sun.

  5. Clear dead and dry skin.

    Exfoliate skin once a week to clean skin pores from dirt, oils, and dead skin cells. This method helps in removing roughness from the skin, making skin soft. But it also makes skin dry and hence remember to moisturize skin after you exfoliate. For getting more impressive results steam your skin first and then exfoliate. Steaming opens our skin pores and makes it easy for the exfoliating product to remove impurities quickly.

  6. Massages to make skin soft.

    Massaging ice increases the blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin, making it more glowing and soft naturally. Massages also help to get a beautiful skin texture with improved flexibility.

  7. Eat healthy foods.

    Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy and nourished. Avoid eating oily and spicy foods to prevent acne breakouts. Also drink enough water so that your skin remains hydrated and moisturized from inside.

  8. Moisturize your face.

    Apply moisturizing lotions to hands, feet, knees and face before sleeping to make it silky. Leaving skin with these moisturizing products will make it ultra soft like a baby. Use vitamin e moisturizer with essential oil extracts. If you have oily skin then try to apply oil free or water based moisturizers

  9. Honey massage for smooth skin.

    Massage honey to skin for 10 minutes and leave it for another 10 minutes. This will help to retain water to skin, making it soft and beautiful. Honey can be mixed with lemon for removing impurities from the skin and making it smooth.

  10. Aloe vera skin conditioner

    Aloe vera is also an excellent skin conditioner that is used to get healthy skin. Aloe gel contains antioxidants and moisture that help in making skin soft and supple like a baby. Apply this gel to the skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Now wash it with cold or warm water.

  11. Natural oil treatment.

    Use skin softening oils like almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil for providing vitamin E to the skin and thus deeply moisturizing skin cells making it smooth. Take some coconut or olive oil in hands and apply it to skin before sleep. This a natural treatment used by many to make skin silky. In the morning with a good face wash clean your face and then again moisturize skin.

  12. Avocado moisturizing paste.

    Make a paste of avocado and apply it to your skin. Avocado has been widely used in skin smoothing products that provide moisture to skin. Apply its paste to the skin and wash it after 15 minutes for getting skin like a baby.

  13. Honey and milk for baby soft skin.

    Add honey to milk cream and apply it to the skin. After 20 minutes, wash it with warm water. Milk contains a good amount of nutrients that help in nourishing skin. Milk cream can also be directly applied to the skin for 20 minutes for getting smooth and silky skin on face and hands.

  14. Cucumber to get rid of dry skin.

    Mixture of cucumber and cocoa butter is very effective in making skin soft. This is because both these products contain lots of moisture that helps to remove dryness from skin. Moisture in cucumber gets absorbed by our skin cells and thus our skin becomes silky smooth.

  15. Fruit hydration masks.

    Apply banana to your skin and wash it after 20 minutes. Banana is rich in lots of vitamins and minerals that keep our skin fresh. Papaya face pack is also a best product for clearing dirt and moisturizing skin.

  16. Apply mayonnaise to your face and keep it for some time. Mayonnaise is used in many skin moisturizing products to get baby soft skin.
  17. Tips for keeping skin soft

    1. After every bath remember to moisturize your body. Water tends to remove oils from the skin, which makes it rough and hence providing moisture keep skin soft.
    2. Sun is also a major cause for dry and rough skin. To protect your skin use moisturizing lotions with sun protection to keep skin smooth.
    3. Eat moisturizing foods with lots of water to keep body and skin hydrated.
    4. Skin also needs to protected against cold weathers to prevent it from drying. You may have notice that during cold weathers your find dry white flakes on skin.
    5. Exfoliate skin just once a week to keep a balance of the moisturizing oils that help to get baby soft skin. Daily scrubbing can make the skin lose these oils, making it look dry and rough

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