To prevent and fix oily and greasy hair you just need to take proper care of it. You can get rid of these oils from hair naturally at home with these simple tips. Natural home remedies like lemon, vinegar,aloe vera, tea water etc are effective to remove the greasy oils from hair. There are plenty of products in the market that are specially made for oily/greasy hair. Buy one such product to get oil free hair quickly.

Get Rid of Oily Skin

Causes of oily hair

  1. In order to know how to solve your problem you should know a thing or two about your problem. It’s a common myth that people who eat oily food have more oily hair than others. Let me just say you oily hair doesn’t have any connection with what you eat unless you put your hands in your hair while eating oily food which I am pretty sure you don’t do. Oily hair is caused because our skin tissue contains sebaceous glands which produce sebum. Sebum keeps moisture from escaping from our body, but when too much of it is produced than it results in oily or you can say greasy hair. It can also be caused due to heredity i.e. from parent to child.

  2. Hormonal imbalance in body can also make hair greasy.

Get rid of oily hair

Combing your hair

If you have oily hair then you should avoid touching or combing your hair excessively, because the teeth of the comb and your finger tips can transfer oil in your scalp. Once the oiliness reaches the scalp, it can easily spread through your whole head. So take good care of your hair and have a proper hair style so you don’t have to comb your hair again and again.

Shampoo and Conditioning products

If you have oily hair then you should buy plain shampoo not any coloured ones because in coloured shampoos, more chemicals is used which leads to increase in oil ratio in products. And you shouldn’t apply conditioner to your hair since you have oily hair your hair gets all the moisture it needs even if you apply conditioner you should apply it only on the end of your hair.

Prevent your hair from excess heat.

Avoid using hot water for washing hair. Also cover your head when you are out in hot sun. Heat makes our hair dry and thus our body produces more moisture that makes our hair oily.

Fix oily hair naturally

  1. These are some old and natural ways to reduce or get rid of oily hair. You should take a glass and squeeze some lemons and then add some water in it. After washing your hair like you normally do you should slowly dump the lemon mixture all over your head specially the roots of your hair. Keep it for 5 min and then rinse your hair nicely. This will help to get rid of oily hair till some extent.

  2. Vinegar is a simple and effective method for reducing oils in hair. Take vinegar and add equal water to it. Fill it in a bottle and use this solution for washing hair. Within 2-3 washes you will find less oily hair. Vinegar also help to remove dandruff and dead skin cells from scalp making your healthy and oil free.

  3. Aloe vera is rich in various anti oxidants, moisture and nutrients that help to nourish our hair roots. Apart from this it contain extracts hat help to remove oils and dandruff from hair keeping your hair clean and clear. Whenever you rinse hair, use aloe vera gel as your natural shampoo. This will prevent oil build up in hair and also keep it moisturized making it soft and silky.

  4. Tea also has a good effect in removing oils from hair. Take diluted tea water and rinse your hair with it for making it soft and beautiful.

  5. Washing hair with alcohol and beer can make your hair shiny and wash away the excess oils from it. Put some beer or alcohol to hair and spread to scalp. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then using warm water wash your hair.

Tips for oil free hair

  1. Buy oil controlling shampoo and use it daily so you don’t get oily hair again.

  2. Hot temperature can make your hair oily so avoid using hot water for washing hair and hair dryer too.

  3. Some hairstyles can cause oiliness in your hair. When you hair comes in contact with your skin specially forehead the oil reaches to your scalp and it easily spreads all over your head. So avoid having hairstyles which can cause oiliness.

  4. Sweat also makes hair greasy, hence get a good shampoo for washing hair.

  5. Avoid touching hair constantly to prevent spreading of oily throughout your scalp.

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