How to Fix a Broken Bone


If you are searching for how to fix a broken bone, I am assuming you do not mean how to set it when it breaks.

X-rays need to be taken and the bone properly set by someone who is qualified.

What you really want to know and what I will discuss here, is how to heal a broken bone. I will share some of my discoveries through my experiences with 2 broken hips and a broken shoulder. My findings have really worked for me.

My broken shoulder happened less than one year ago. My doctor was concerned that I might need surgery to repair it. Imagine my relief when the doctor told me 4 weeks later that I wouldn’t need the surgery. After seeing my x-ray, he said that my shoulder was healing 2 weeks ahead of schedule. He was really amazed that the bone had healed so well at my age. I am 83 years old!

There are several nutrients that are absolutely necessary for fixing your bones. In our country we are bombarded with advertisements by the dairy companies about drinking milk to get all the calcium you need for healthy bones.

The impression is often given that calcium and vitamin D are all we need. I am not saying that we don’t need calcium, but that is just a small part of the formula.

There are several nutrients that work together to make strong bones. You need at least…

* Calcium
* Magnesium
* Boron
* Vitamin D3
* Vitamin C

Researchers have learned that even large quantities of calcium will not make strong bones, if not balanced with the other necessary nutrients that help it to be absorbed. Otherwise, the calcium will not stay in your bones. Of course, it goes without saying, that you need to avoid junk food.

The other essential factor for fixing a broken bone is to do some form of exercise when it is possible. After I broke my shoulder, I began exercising as soon as my orthopedic surgeon suggested I should. Each day, I let my arm hang loose from the sling for short periods and began raising my arm as far as possible. I feel sure that helped with the healing process.

I hope this has helped you if you have a broken bone that needs fixing. If your doctor has not offered any nutritional help, you might need to find an integrative physician that is familiar with nutrition.

For more information on nutrition for healing bones, and her experience as a nutritional researcher, click over to Muryal’s blog at: Reverse Osteopenia

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