How the “Pill” is Causing the Feminization and Sterilization of Men


By Dr. Curtis Duncan

Yes, the birth control pill is causing the effeminization and sterilization of millions of men. This is a documented and yet unknown fact. It does this in two ways.

1. When women take the birth control pill, this cause massive amounts of estrogen to be excreted in their urine and which then ends up in the water supply causing an increase in the amount of estrogen in the water. Researchers have found that the water supply is massively estrogenic today. The birth control pills is one of the reasons why there are so many feminized fish in our waterways now.

2. The birth control pill ends up in the water supply because people flush it down the toilet. The government actually tells people to do this! When these estrogenic pills are flushed down the toilet, they end up in the water supply contributing to the large amounts of estrogen in the water supply which is not and cannot be filtered.

The pill is currently being taken by millions of women around the world and it has been shown to sterilize and effeminize men due to the fact it contributes to the massive amounts of estrogen pollution of the water. This estrogen pollution harm men’s ability to conceive their lowering their sperm counts and testosterone levels and it even destroys a male fetus’s ability to conceive through suppressing his testosterone levels in the womb and harming his sperm cells. When men’s testosterone levels have been suppressed in the womb, then they develop the mind of a woman! This estrogen pollution from the water even destroys male sexual potency too as men who are exposed to much estrogen become impotent. On a interesting note, the pill was actually invented by feminist, eugenicist, and population control proponent, Margaret Sanger. The birth control pill without a doubt is a population control pill since it destroys male fertility which is currently being experienced by millions of males today around the world!

You can learn more about the Chemical Effeminization and Castration of Men and what you can do to prevent it by clicking here. This recording is a must have for ALL males to preserve your fertility, sexual potency, and masculinity.

Taking birth control pill is also a death sentence for women too since it causes strokes, heart attacks, and numerous reproductive cancers including breast cancer. There are numerous safe and natural birth control options as documented in my book, A Woman’s Guide to Herbs. It is an awesome resource!

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