How Smoking Causes Acne

1 acneAcne is a young and adults are all over the world from a lot of skin problems. Synonymous with the disease and the break-even by acne skin, acne, skin infections cause blackheads. Produces too much oil or skin, dirt, dust and bacteria painful skin rash sebaceous glands sebaceous pores through the accumulation of traffic jams Not only the skin, usually dyed terrible scars. No, it’s no wonder that skin diseases are not the most annoying!

Acne can be caused by several factors. Hormone levels during menstruation pills, contraception, pregnancy or pressure changes can cause acne. They are equipped with high humidity, or oily cosmetic and hair care products, welding some of the common cause. Smoking is another cause of acne is unknown.

The research shows that to deny smoking and acne on the link. Chances are, is smoke and suffer in some way from your experience as a teenager with acne, your acne to relapse. In fact, the survey showed that 40% of women smoke that adults suffer from acne.

Acne prevention and mitigation are very strong, to maintain the body’s immune system and the endocrine system, is connected to the optimum level. However, in 4000 different chemicals in the body, immune and hormone balance to each record side effects, and smoking.

Thus, in each train, which offers the chance to clogged pores? Information on the occurrence of acne causing bacteria that can clog up more pores rather than pores. In addition to snuff disrupt your hormone levels also increases the skin sebum.

In each train, the kidneys and other major detoxifying the liver, leading to more damage, such as skin and body parts of the organ Detoxification process slowed after aggravating the acne. Acne is the multi-smoking, level of toxicity in the body that is short of the amount of toxins in your body a chance your acne, to reduce the impact on small.

It was discussed; most researchers believe that smoking worsens acne condition. The researchers believe that smoking caused mainly from the darkness by the inflammation and clogged pores. Non smoking, which mediates inflammatory acne, acne is a common inflammation of smokers.

Yet many none smoking than smokers in the amount of acne outbreak Detailed study of women 50-25, none smokes women with inflammatory acne quarter. Passive smoking has similar side effects of acne. If the smoke-filled room, but it is smoking then it may clog the pores of acne.

Some researchers are not sure acne is not directly attributable to smoking; smoking is still harmful to the skin as it no doubt. And cause cigarettes, nicotine, different parts of the body including the skin, chemicals, inflammation of the most vulnerable organ. Smoking can also free radicals, making the skin proteins and lead to premature skin aging.

In addition, smokeless tobacco, inevitable wrinkling of the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue disease that is absorbed by the chemicals It is the amount of acne through the smoke, so the discussion is still controversial, corrupt the truth in each case more than one way to skin smoking.

Of course people stop smoking, the improvement in the skin begin to show the weekly report. If you want to reduce your acne is often smoke again. Smooth and shiny skin, can the intensity of the pores of the skin. Therefore, the site of the skin, smoking, general health of the skin improves significantly stop in a few weeks! Acne.

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