How Many People Die From Heart Disease Each Year?


heart disease 9The statistics on this disease can be, indeed, a little frightening. The exact number is a little difficult to calculate, and no exact tally should be considered one hundred percent accurate. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take that number seriously. Some statistics are blown out of proportion by special interests groups, by pharmacies and so on to create more of a panic than there needs to be. The only reason heart disease statistics are somewhat inaccurate, though, is because of how many people die from this disease being too large a number to easily track. We can tell you what we DO know within an accurate range, though.
How Often do Heart Disease Related Deaths Occur?
Obviously, this number can’t possibly be one hundred percent accurate, but on AVERAGE, it’s said that heart disease, in the United States alone, kills one person every thirty to forty seconds, and several more worldwide. While this is used merely as a gauge to show how frequently this disease kills, it still tells of a remarkably high number.
What is the Estimated Total Toll of Heart Disease?
The estimated toll, as in, of all the deaths that occur, what percentage can be linked to heart disease, sits around fifty percent for men, and thirty three percent for women. In other words, for every two men dead, one died of this disease. For every three women dead, one died of it.
It’s unfortunate that, while this disease kills more women than breast and cervical cancer combined, that breast cancer, while a valid and real issue, seems to be the only women’s health issue that gets much in the way of media coverage or public attention.
How Many People Die Each Year From Heart Disease?
Here, again, it’s difficult to say. There are so many types of cardiovascular disease and it can be difficult to tell the exact cause, but at least, in the United States, we can estimate, with relative accuracy, that somewhere around one million men and women die each year from this disease.
What’s The Age Range for Heart Disease?
If you think that this disease only affects the elderly, think again. Of those one million, only an average of one hundred sixty thousand were aged between thirty five and sixty five, not even one fifth. Certainly, the older you get, the more taxing heart disease can be, but a heart attack can strike literally anyone of any age.
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