How many Calories can You Burn in a Day?

calorieIf it’s all about calorie deficit to lose weight In other words, you want to lose weight because you will be tested to ensure that the fire was less than the calories you eat are. Well, a big problem, so leave. They have burned as many calories per day?

To answer this question a lot of opportunities in recent years have been proposed.

A simple rule for women and the thumb of the male is 2500 calories per day consumption in 2000, the average number of burn this is often a reasonable starting point, the fact is, and they are not very accurate. They are the people of “average” is only effective for some reason. “They burn as many calories in a day?” Or more stringent requirements with your sex: To answer this question.

A better way, I will calculate your basal metabolic rate, and adjust your activities.

The BMR is the energy needed for respiration to survive.

A simple method to estimate the Harris-Benedict equation this is taking into account the basis of gender, weight and age. Men more than women with high metabolic expression, you must change to reflect this difference. In addition, the amount of calories burned when you get old, under metabolism. Of course, tend to be older people need more calories.

This formula takes into account not to take the body composition. This is due to consider it, to take the muscle to catch up with Mc Ardle formula differs in this respect needs. In other words, the formula is necessary to measure your body fat percentage. Many experts believe that, because it is a more accurate picture of what happens in reality it’s more like on this set is used.

Metabolism must be answered: is not it? “Burn as many calories per day to help you live” is the edge of the image. The heat will take place in the activities.

It is understood that the combustion of fat composition, physical activity, and the heat of the speed is important. For example, if it is necessary to eat more of your current weight, the active life of some people than others. Then, more exercise, there are many people is that you your weight is muscle mass. Practice can eat, have a higher metabolism.

This may be the “positive factors” multiplying the basal metabolic rate. The man sitting in a very active athlete, this number will vary from 1.9 to 1.2.

Yes, you need to make sure and do not drink, eat, when you burn, you know how many calories.

But please do not go to extremes. Therefore, in the 3000-1000 calories, you should not give up your calorie intake suddenly. Body, because it has the function of more than 1000 calories per day but this is not a sustainable diet. If you change your diet, not drastic changes in time, which can lead to health problems in the body The right way to lose weight in a systematic way to reduce calories.

Many doctors, it is suggested that you desire 500 calories, weight, losing safe and effective deficit.

Therefore, the recommended method in three steps: 

You can use the equation to answer this question: 
Step 1: “What is your metabolism to burn calories?”
Step 2: Burning activity coefficients of the estimated total calories multiplied.
Step 3: Pull the 500 calories you eat in this series relate to drink a lot. Calories.

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