How HIV AIDS Prevention


In this article I will discuss the mode of HIV AIDS Prevention, hopefully this article can slightly increase your knowledge about HIV AIDS and how HIV-AIDS prevention. Immediately, we see the following article.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or who are familiar with the term AIDS is a human condition that no longer have an immune system that can attack a wide range of diseases and are very difficult to cure. Almost all people with AIDS ends with death, because until now there is still no effective antidote. Therefore, to avoid contracting AIDS is the best action for you to do.

AIDS is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or the more popular term is the HIV virus. These viruses damage the human immune system. HIV is spread through the exchange of bodily fluids between the terinvensi to others who have not been infected, mainly found in blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and oral fluid those already infected.

Young HIV virus transmitted by sexual contact with a person with, transfusion of HIV contaminated blood, pregnant women to the unborn child, the users sharing needles to drug users who are infected with the tools that are not sterile. It should be underlined HIV virus will not be transmitted through animal bites, use the bathroom or toilet, use utensils, living with a home, daily life, the use of a towel, a handshake and a kiss on the outside of the mouth.

Someone who is infected with the HIV virus takes several years to become AIDS. There are three stages of the journey of the infected with the HIV virus that infected stage, the stage of appearance of symptoms, and the stage of AIDS. Here I will show you How to HIV AIDS Prevention:

  1. Prevention of transmission through sexual intercourse. Be sure to not have sex with someone infected with the HIV virus. Multiple sexual partners is very high risk of contracting the HIV virus easily.
  2. Prevention of transmission through blood transfusion. Make sure that the blood will be sterile transfusion of HIV contamination.
  3. Prevention of transmission through pregnancy. Mothers infected with HIV should not become pregnant.
  4. Prevention of transmission through drug misuse. Misuse of drugs by needle, very easy to transmit the HIV virus.
  5. Prevention of transmission through unsterile equipment. Any tool used for people who are at risk of carrying the HIV virus must be sterilized prior to use lisol, detol, or alcohol.
  6. Prevention through a healthy lifestyle. People who have a habit of free sex, tattooed, drug use with needles, including those at high risk of AIDS. For that we need to change habits for healthier and safer lives.
  7. Prevention of transmission through marriage. Marriage with people who have a history of work or living habits are at high risk of contracting HIV should be tested for HIV AIDS.

So my tips on How to Prevention of HIV AIDS. For those of you who have a life of infected or at high risk of suffering from common diseases are difficult to heal, you should immediately do the HIV screening test AIDS. If you’ve tested positive for AIDS HIV, immediately following the treatment and recovery programs of HIV AIDS. Hopefully this article can be useful for you all and you need to pay attention to the “Stay away from illness, sufferers do ..!”

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