How Gout can affect Children

How Gout can affect Children
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Many people who suffer from gout have heard that it is referred to as being caused by a combination of rich food and beer, therefore is has become known as the disease of kings. However this often means that people assume children are not in danger of suffering from gout, as not many children will drink that much beer.

A build up of uric acid crystals around your joints causes gout and it normally starts in the big toe and can then travel around the body from here. These uric acid crystals don’t consider what your age is, they dont consider that you may be too young to feel the nasty burning pain that comes when gout attacks.

Over the past twenty years, kids have changed in the way they eat, drink and exercise. Computers and fast food have more of an influence which means they spend less time doing outdoor exercise and playing sports. Processed foods and drinks tend to form most of a kid’s diet which is not good for them. Kids do not care to drink much normal water which would be much better for them.

The levels of uric acid in the body can be raised by the intake of sodas and fructose. As a result of this, there has been an increase in the reported cases of gout. No longer is gout known as the disease of kings. The amount of soda and “nutritional” beverages that we drink has increased over recent years, it is a consequence that so will cases of gout.

People who suffer from gout can greatly reduce the number of attacks they have by simply controlling their diet. It sounds easy, but some will not have the focus to stick to a healthier diet despite the obvious benefits. If you are in a routine then it can be hard to break it, even more if you are a little older. But it can be done and can have a very positive effect on your gout.

Have you thought about the long term effects of your child’s current diet? If you haven’t, then you need to because if you are letting them pick up bad habits in relation to their diet, you could be causing them long term damage. Therefore you should try to help them get into good eating habits so that they will see the benefits as they get older.

In present times people tend to be much more rushed and have less time to spend actually making sure that they foods they buy are high in nutrition. This is understandable as it can often be hard to spend quality time shopping for good quality foods if you have heavy work commitments as well as your children distracting you if you take them shopping.

Gout prevention for the entire family should start with how you do your food shopping. Not buying foods that contain large amounts of fructose can make a big difference, as can avoiding foods which are high in uric acid creating chemicals. If you don’t buy them in the first place, then neither you or your children can eat them. Not only are you less likely to start suffering symptoms of gout, you are also helping to avoid other diseases such as diabetes.

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