How calcium in milk causes breast cancer


The following study was recently announced:
Calcium And Vitamin D No Help Against Breast Cancer
Calcium and Vitamin D supplements do not reduce the chances of developing breast cancer, according to a seven-year study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).The report goes against earlier research, which showed a possible benefit from the supplements.Researchers said the number of cases did not differ between women taking supplements and women given a placebo.
This study is yet another nail in the coffin of calcium supplements. Study after study is proving that taking calcium supplements does nothing but harm to the human body. This is why dairy milk is so harmful – the calcium in dairy milk does not get assimilated in healthy way (because of the high acidity in milk). As a result, calcium from dairy milk, like calcium supplements, causes harmful calcification and cancer in the body. For evidence of this go to and get the facts.

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