Trembling of fingers when writing     Actea racemosa           30        Every 4 hours  8
An excellent remedy for writers cramps
Trembling of hands
Lacks of muscular control
Cramps in the muscles of forearm      Gelsemium                  30        Every 4 hours  8
A specific remedy for writers cramp  Ferrum iodatum          30        Every 4 hours  8
Writers and players cramp
Due to long use of hands and fingers
Chorea, better from heat                     Magnesia phos            1M       One dose once in a week        4
Spasmodic pain like cramp on the
 ball of the right thumb when writing Muriatic acid              30        Every 4 hours  8
Cramp like paralytic contraction in arms, hands
Jerking of fingers while writing         
Tendency to gangrene following mechanical injuries
Lead poisoning                                   Sulphuric acid             30        Every 4 hours  8
It should be tried when all other remedies fail
Cramping due to paralysis with the
 beginning of degeneration of the brain          Zincum phos   30        Every 4 hours  8

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