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Obesity is a complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic concern. It increases your risk of diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Being extremely obese means you are especially likely to have health problems related to your weight.
The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity. Dietary changes, increased physical activity and behavior changes can help you lose weight.
Causes–Although there are genetic, behavioral and hormonal influences on body weight, obesity occurs when you take in more calories than you burn through exercise and normal daily activities. Your body stores these excess calories as fat.
Obesity can sometimes be traced to a medical cause, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome, and other diseases and conditions. However, these disorders are rare and, in general, the principal causes of obesity are:
Inactivity. If you’re not very active, you don’t burn as many calories. With a sedentary lifestyle, you can easily take in more calories every day than you use through exercise and normal daily activities.
Unhealthy diet and eating habits. Weight gain is inevitable if you regularly eat more calories than you burn. And most Americans’ diets are too high in calories and are full of fast food and high-calorie beverages
Symptoms-Obesity is diagnosed when your body mass index (BMI) is 30 or higher. Your body mass index is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms (kg) by your height in meters (m) squared.
Weight status
Below 18.5
Obese (Class I)
Obese (Class II)
40.0 and higher
Extreme obesity (Class III)
For most people, BMI provides a reasonable estimate of body fat. However, BMI doesn’t directly measure body fat, so some people, such as muscular athletes, may have a BMI in the obese category even though they don’t have excess body fat. Ask your doctor if your BMI is a problem.
CALCAREA CARB -30- Calcarea carb. is one of the top medicines for weight loss . There is excess fat in the abdomen and the metabolism is working at a very low pace, resulting in obesity and weight gain. The patient  is fatty and flabby.  There is  a tendency to perspire profusely, especially on head. These patients cannot tolerate cold air. The patient have  peculiar eating habits . The eating habits include craving for boiled eggs, and strange things like chalk, clay, pencils, lime etc. Due to a sluggish metabolic activity, the patients are almost always constipated. This medicine can also be considered if the excess weight gain is due to thyroid problems.They have polycystic ovarian disease 
CAPSICUM 30-Capsicum is one of the best medicines for obesity. Capsicum is prescribed when the person is mentally sluggish and indolent. The patient does not like any physical exertion and does not feel doing anything that is not his / her routine. The patient is usually chilly and feels lack of warmth at all times.  It is also a good medicine for alcoholics and there is a lot of craving for alcohol and other stimulants . In Capsicum patients the digestion is slow and sluggish.
FERRUM METALLICUM 30– Ferrum met is one of the best medicines for obesity with anemia. The skin is pale and also are the mucous membranes . There may be flushing of the face despite being anemic. The hands and feet remain cold. The muscles are flabby and relaxed. The patient is so weak that walking and talking can be difficult. There may be palpitation of the heart that is worse by every movement.
ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM 30– Antimonium crudum is  prescribed for obese children in order to help them lose weight. The  child who possesses extreme irritability, very cross nature, and an aversion to be touched or be looked at. These children also have a marked aversion to cold bathing. The significant indicator for using this medicine to lose weight is a craving for acidic things like pickles in the child. The child’s tongue in this case is usually thickly white coated and the stomach is deranged with alternate diarrhea and constipation due to a habit of over eating.
FUCUS VESICULOSIS Q– Fucus is tried when Calcarea carb. fails. In focus thyroid problem is the main reason for weight gain.

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200—Natrum mur. Is also used as an effective remedy for losing weight.Natrum mur is effective  when there is an excess of fat mainly in the thighs and buttocks as compared to other parts of the body. This medicine gives wonderful results if the person has gained excess weight due to long continued stress or depression. There is excessive heat in the patient’s body and intolerance towards the heat of the sun. The patients who require this medicine usually suffer from anemia. Another important symptom seen in patients suited to this medicine is the craving for extra salts in diet. Natrum mur patient has  weeping tendencies, especially when alone, worsens when someone consoles him / her and reserved nature.They have polycystic ovarian disease .
LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 200-Lycopodium is another effective remedy for obesity . This is also used mainly when the thighs and buttock areas have excess fat, just like the above mentioned medicine Natrum Mur. But again the constitutional symptoms that are unique to using Lycopodium differentiate between these two. The patients who require Lycopodium are chronic sufferers of gastric troubles like flatulence  and constipation . They have a tendency to crave for sweet foods. They also indulge in hot drinks and hot food. They show a tendency to eat far beyond their capacity with resulting bloated abdomen and weight gain. Mentally, the person requiring this medicine is very irritable and easily roused to anger, especially on being contradicted. Hypothyroidism  is another cause of weight gain in Lycopodium.
 NUX VOMICA 30-  Nux Vomica is recommended for persons who have gained excess weight due to sedentary habits. Nux vomica patients are  chronic sufferers of the most obstinate constipation. Such a person has a continuous urge to pass stool, but only a little stool is ejected at a time. Also there  is intolerance to cold air. Nux vomica patient  likes spicy food, fatty food and stimulants like coffee or alcoholic drinks. Mentally, the person is extremely sensitive to external impressions and gets angry to an extreme degree too.
PHYTOLACCA BERRY Q- Obesity without any  possible defect in the system. A general remedy to reduce weight and fat
CALOTROPIS Q- Calotropis  is a good medicine for weight loss. Obesity while flesh decreases , muscles become harder and stronger .
IGNATIA 200-Ignatia is prescribed when depression   is the cause of weight gain. The persons requiring Ignatia usually eat to a great extent due to sadness, and consequently gain weight. They have very fickle mood that changes from sadness to happiness and from laughter to tears. 
AMMONIUM CARB 30. In Ammonium carb. there is excess fat in the upper body when compared to legs , which are thin. Ammonium Carb is effective  for obese persons who are sluggish and always feel tired and weak. These people usually have a sedentary life style. They also show marked sensitivity to cold air. 
GRAPHITES 30-Graphites is prescribed when the women gained excess weight around menopause Even during the young age the females have delayed menses.The patient may have skin eruptions. The skin eruptions ooze thick sticky discharge..Graphites  mainly suits women who remain sad, cannot tolerate cold air and suffer from chronic constipation.There is an increase sensitiveness to cold.
PULSATILLA NIG. 30—Pulsatilla is prescribed when obesity is due to uterine problems. The patient has a mild , gentle, yielding disposition.The patient averse to fat food and drink. Thirstlessness is another feature of this remedy.The patient likes open air.   
SEPIA 30-Sepia is also effective for weight gain around menopause. Sepia suits women who are irritable and indifferent in behavior towards their family. These women may also complain of hot flushes. A prominent feature that serves as a clear indicator that Sepia is required for treatment is a bearing down sensations in pelvic organs of the woman.They have polycystic ovarian disease.
THYROIDINUM 3X—Thyroidinum is suitable when obesity is due to imperfect function of thyroid gland.



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